Spring seems to be making an early appearance and I couldn’t be happier. The change in temperature calls for an edit to your skincare routine.  Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series review

The central heating is no longer on full blast in my house which means my skin isn’t as thirsty. Now is the perfect time to transition to slightly lighter products. I have two products from Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series that thoroughly wake my skin up in the morning. As the name suggests this range is for anyone looking to preempt the first signs of aging so if you are between 18-30 this range could be for you. All of the products contain various anti-oxidants which are a great defense against environmental stressors that can damage our skin.

In the morning I cleanse my face using a small amount of the Daily Foaming Cleanser. I’m cautious of foaming cleansers and whilst this isn’t the gentlest I’ve used it’s certainly gentle enough for my skin which leans toward the dry side. However if you have very dry skin this might not be for you. This cleanses thoroughly, it feels nice and smells slightly fresh. After rinsing I pat the dripping water from my face before the next step.

The Refreshing Shower Mask is my favourite out of the two. After cleansing I apply a 5 pence size to slightly damp skin, avoiding the immediate eye area before jumping in the shower. The mask is activated by the moisture and heat from the steam. I rinse it off as my last step before I get out. It feels cooling and refreshing on my skin which I love in the morning as it wakes my skin up. I’m not into menthol or peppermint products at all but this isn’t like that.

Afterwards my skin feels softer and slightly red as if I have just given myself a nice facial massage. The redness soon goes down and I’m left with a nice healthy glow. This counteracts the slight dullness and puffiness that greets me when I look in the mirror each morning. I don’t recommend rinsing your face with hot water in the shower as this is never good for the skin, it can cause unnecessary irritation. More importantly I never put my face directly under the shower head, this is really not good for the face. Instead I turn the temperature down and splash my face with water from my hands until the mask is completely rinsed off.

Both products contain cress sprouts, turmeric, olive leaf and green tea. These will provide the anti-oxidants and the turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. Comment below if you have any questions and you can reach me on Instagram & Twitter.