james read tan review

james read tan review



There’s nothing better than a deep golden tan. And it seems rude to be pale in August but laying in the sun all day just isn’t my thing. This meant it was time to choose the best products that I knew would give me that summer feelin’ whilst avoiding the health risks from sunbathing.

James Read has the perfect range of tanning products with super cool retro packaging. The Express Bronzing Mousse gives you that rich bronzed glow that would normally take two weeks in the Caribbean to achieve. I moisturised my hairline, hands, wrists, feet and ankles then literally slapped it on and then blended like crazy. Never forget to wear gloves and always make sure there is someone to help apply it to your back. Beforehand make sure you are thoroughly exfoliated and moisturised to ensure an even tone.

I’m still using my favorite new SPF 50 from Kiehl’s and to ensure my skin is hydrated and glowing I’m using Sunday Riley Juno. This is perfect during the summer as it contains naturally unscented superfood (dry) oils which give the glow without any irritation or greasiness.

I keep my freshly bleached hair moisturised with Mukti Hair Balm. Containing only natural and organic ingredients it holds the style in place whilst hydrating and nourishing my hair. I don’t go anywhere without a pair of cool shades and this time I’m wearing an all-black pair from SALT. Optics.

Photography by Christian Roman for Lookin Good Feelin Fine.