Last week I went to Augsburg and paid a visit to Green Glam where I spent an afternoon chatting with Nina who owns the store with her husband.┬áIf you’re a fan of natural and organic beauty or grooming then I recommend you pay a visit to the store in Germany, you’ll be pushed to find a place quite like it anywhere. Last year I wrote a post on the store so it was nice to visit in person and put together an edit of my top 5 ‘green’ products for Spring. In case you’re wondering if that’s a pool in the picture the answer is yes, well kind of. The store opens up into the most beautiful private courtyard. Like I said, you’ll be pushed to find anywhere quite like Green Glam.


There has never been a more appropriate time for a steaming hot bath – than right now. Finally, after six months, I have my own bathroom back and I couldn’t be happier. To soothe aching muscles and clear my mind is as close to heaven as I can get, s I’ll happily take it, courtesy of a nice long soak in my new tub. Product of choice is 001 BATH SALT by Swedish brand L:A BRUKET. Containing only natural ingredients including unbleached sea salt, marigold, roses and lavender, this ‘kurbad’ leaves me feeling relaxed, soothed and ready for a perfect night’s sleep.