Whether it’s been a weekend of partying or you’re just not in the mood to face Monday I’ve put together a list of products to help you along the way. Radiant Glow Mask by Evolve is a product that’s so natural we could make it in the kitchen ourselves, but even though we can it doesn’t mean we ever will. The combination of raw cacao and coconut smells as delicious as it sounds and I need to stop myself from eating a little bit each time I use it. When the alarm goes off on Monday morning I suggest you wash your face then apply a scoop of this to towel dried skin. Leave it on whilst you grab a cup of coffee and then rinse it off in the shower. Whenever I use this my skin is super hydrated and glowing which makes me feel and look heaps better. Prepare a healthy breakfast and then apply a thin coat of INTENSAE HART Base Coat followed by MATT-1027 Fast Drying Matte Effect Top Coat. This will leave your nails looking cleaner and fresher than you could ever have imagined. After breakfast I pop a couple of Sönd Energising Mineral Supplements which provide skin boosting silica plus vitamin E and magnesium. Before leaving the house write a to-do list or set yourself some reasonable goals for the day. Work through them one by one, this will leave you feeling great knowing that you have organised yourself efficiently. A smart watch like this one from BERING will ensure you arrive on time. Lastly, a stylish pair of shades are always a good idea.