It can be a nightmare when  hayfever strikes and sufferers will agree that it can put a dampener on the small amounts of Summer we are experiencing this year. When the symptoms are persistent it can be off putting to take large amounts of over the counter drugs. So I’ve put together a list of natural alternatives that may prevent the need for tablets or at the very least keep them to a minimum.

1 Local honey. This is perhaps the nicest form of treatment if you happen to like the taste of it. When it’s locally produced (up to 100 miles away) you will find that it contains the same pollen that is causing your flair ups. Reports from hayfever sufferers have shown an improvement in many cases when they eat some each morning.

2 Vitamin C. This is a known natural antihistamine and can be found in lemons, grapefruits and oranges. These also contain bioflavonoids which have powerful anti-allergy benefits. Check out my ultimate hot water and lemon recipe which is perfect first thing in the morning. The combination will also help flush out your liver and kidneys which is a win win.

3 Hot Peppers. The capsaicin found in red peppers and chilli peppers effectively open the nasal passages. This reduces the congestion brought on by hayfever and reduces the symptoms significantly.

4 Camomile Tea. This tea contains antioxidants and flavonoids whilst also being an antihistamine. The combination will reduce inflammation, plus two cold tea bags can be used as an eye compress, to reduce puffiness and redness.

5 Garlic & Onions. Add either one or both of these to your food starting before and during hayfever season. Onion contains quercetin, a natural antihistamine whilst garlic is an effective decongestant. Regardless of hayfever, both are highly nutritious foods that help fight off colds and infections.

Some of the information for this post was researched via Good To Know.