My skincare routines are down to alternate ‘on’ days and ‘off’ days. The ‘on’ days include transformative products such as retinol, vitamin C or exfoliating acids which I use in the evening. On ‘off’ days I let my skin recover and rest, using comforting products that nourish my skin. I was just sent new launches from Perricone MD and Merumaya that complement each other nicely.

Regular readers know I like Perricone MD and I often feature different products from the brand. They just launched their Cocoa Moisture masks which I think is bloody brilliant. Using this feels like a cup of cocoa with a comforting blanket on a rainy day. It smells delicious and the texture is sublime. The thick creamy consistency contains tiny micro capsules which burst as the mask is massaged into the skin turning the whole thing a darker chocolatey colour. I spend a minute massaging (so goooood) and then leave it on for 10 minutes. Masks usually dry out on the skin which I don’t like. This one stays perfectly moist which feels much nicer and makes it easier to remove. Without a doubt this leaves my skin noticeably glowing and makes a perfect addition on my ‘off’ days. If I were to change one thing it would be the jar packaging. I love the design but a tube would be perfect for me. This is definitely one of my fave mask’s ever. You can purchase it now from Perricone MD or from Cult Beauty when it launches.

Merumaya (new to the blog) recently sent me their new retinol resurfacing treatment. This claims to cut out the redness and irritation that using a retinol can cause by including natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s not uncommon for retinol products to include calming, soothing ingredients as they do help reduce any potential down time. I like this retinol as it’s nice and strong. My skin is a little sensitive the day after which doesn’t concern me but it’s worth noting. It contains squaline (repairs, moisturises) and hyaluronic acid (moisturising, hydrating) in two molecular weights. This takes the hyaluronic acid to both the surface and slightly deeper layers of the skin. My appearance looks instantly better and I like this product a lot. It comes in an airless pump bottle which is great. It’s transparent in the middle (not so great) which is covered almost entirely by the label. However there’s a small area where the product inside is visible. Therefor I recommend you keep this in it’s box to ensure it is completely guarded from light which will degrade the potency of the retinol. It’s very good value for money at £33.50. And I definitely recommend it if your skin is used to retinol. Check out my recent post to discover more information on retinols. You can purchase this directly from Merumaya or John Lewis when it launches.