A bloggers best friend is…. I mean, a bloggers best friends are their photographer and a good pair of sunglasses. I just discovered a website selling tote bags that display the phrase ‘big sunglasses hide all sins’ which I have to agree with except this season I prefer them small and mostly round ; )

I enjoy photography and mostly shoot the still life shot’s for this blog myself I’m also prone to the odd nature shot for my instagram page. For the fashion posts a good photographer is a must but on this occasion Christian Roman was busy on another project and I had to take the portrait for this post by myself. An afternoon in my garden running between the front and the back of a camera made me appreciate the speed and direction that working with a pro brings.

My latest collab is with German brand Willems Eyewear. I received three models of their special edition ‘B-Zero’ collection. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I opened the box and saw the three beauties staring up at me. Here I am wearing Newquay which evokes fond childhood memories of summers spent running around (often naked) on the beaches of Cornwall. My sister lives in Cornwall, not far from surfers paradise, Newquey. I’ve been meaning to plan another visit and I think I will except this time I’ll be clothed and sporting my favourite new sunglasses.