I thought it would be fun to add a new segment to the blog. WHAT’S HOT & WHAT’S NOT will be a selection of things I’m currently liking or disliking. Since I just got back from London this post will focus on things I experienced during the trip.


  • EASYJET The first European airline to offer super cheap, short haul flights soon became infamous for ridiculously-terrible-service. This has since changed and they now have friendly and professional staff who are more reasonable regarding carry on luggage.
  • TATE MODERN One of my favorite places in London somehow became 1 million times better. The new Switch House extension is finally open and boasts a 360-degree viewing tower with arguably the best views of London. There is a lovely coffee bar on the top level plus a restaurant lower down with vast new galleries and exhibition spaces. I’ve fallen in love with Tate all over again.
  • JAMIE OLIVER I can’t find a bad word to say about him. He went on a mission to reeducate school canteens so children can eat nutritious lunches instead of the previous fast food nightmares. During August he allowed children to eat for free in all of his Jamie’s Italian restaurants. His upscale restaurant 15 in Shoreditch is super nice and his recipe books match up to the hype. High five Jamie!


  • THE FAUX VLOGGER When you see a bunch of different YouTubers promoting the exact same product saying I just love it so much. Then you discover they are all represented by the same talent agency. Coincidence? Nope!
  • THE TINY MINI COFFEE I like a compact, creamy cappuccino that packs a punch but £3 for a thimble of flat white? I don’t think so.
  • THE PUG PRAM Pushchairs, prams or strollers as they say in the US. These are for human babies or human children. NOT FOR DOGS.