One of the things I love most about Germany is the mountains. My ideal living situation would be an apartment in London and a large house in the Bavarian Alps. When I get off the train at Oberstdorf the first thing that hits me is the fresh air. It’s the purest luft my lungs have ever known and they couldn’t be happier each time I arrive here.

This place is great all year round. It’s perfect for skiing in the Winter with a cable car that runs from the center of town up into the mountains. In the Spring and Summer you can enjoy the mountain views, waterfalls and valleys. You can go hiking, mountain biking or even rock climbing. The town of Oberstdorf is relatively small with pretty shops, restaurants. There are lot’s of small hotels or B&B’s plus cozy restaurants and pubs. In Germany the food is hearty with nice big portions. Places serve delicious comfort food during the Winter and huge tasty salads in the Summer. The best part is the beer. Before I moved to this country I wasn’t a beer drinker but the stuff is so good here it’s become my thing. So if you fancy leaving the nature to the animals you can find a cozy corner and get tipsy with your mates.

All the relevant travel and tourism info can be found here. There are also some apartments on airbnb.