When it comes to shopping smart I’ve found it pays off to invest in a few classic pieces that are high quality and made to last. I’ve done this several times and I find either a coat, boots or a piece of luggage bods well in terms of longevity, providing the item is well cared for. In the pictures I’m wearing a Dior Homme coat which I purchased from Harrods about 10 years ago, at the time it cost around¬†¬£1500 which I know is super expensive but when I calculate the amount of times I’ve worn it, well it works out more cost effective than the Zara t-shirts that (in my case) start shrinking after the second wash. All we need is one luxurious piece, mixed with high street basics to elevate the whole look. In the case of this coat, when I’m not using it I store it in the garment bag and take it to a good dry cleaners. Because of this it’s just starting to show it’s age but it’s kept me warm for the last decade and people always comment when I’m wearing it.