I decided it was time to give my skincare cupboard an overhaul and stock up on some exciting products that I haven’t tried before. Some things are from brands I already know and love plus a couple of new discoveries that I am excited to introduce. I haven’t been using anything for very long so this is more of a first impressions and I’m pleased to say – so far, so good.


This all-natural skincare line for men is brand spanking new from the UK and I really like the packaging. It looks modern, it’s not trying to be über masculine and the airless pump containers are spot on. The billion dollar brands with their unhygienic jar packaging should take note from the newcomers. I’m using the cleanse and shave nutrient mud and the strengthening skin serum. The mud is a rather genius cleanser and shaving cream in one. I’m only a fan of multi tasking products if they actually work and this bad boy does indeed. The fresh smelling serum is packed with an almost endless line up of nutritious botanicals to protect, nourish and cultivate healthy, happy skin. The silky texture absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and calm which is a perfect antidote to the drying effects of central heating this winter.


I have wanted to try this British brand for bloomin’ ages and I don’t know what kept me waiting so long. My routine wouldn’t be complete without a decent face oil, especially during winter, and the restoration oil from this upmarket all-natural brand is really, really good. I’ve tried plenty of oils in my time but I never saw one like this before. It’s been so well refined that it has a water-like texture that feels really special. It contains an A-Z of natural actives including turmeric, algae, omega’s 3, 6 & 9 plus squalene. A simple bottle of face oil this is not. The renaissance cleansing gel is a cult product from the brand that I am yet to try but I heard from so many sources that it’s really good.


I call this Danish brand the beautiful one because everything looks so damn nice. Even the luxuriously thick embossed card they use to write notes on is beyond. I first featured the brand shortly after it launched a year or two ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. They have a brilliant vitamin C serum and a perfectly gentle foaming face wash which are my favourites from the range. This time I’m trying out the hand cream which looks so cool in the fancy tube. This hand cream is a treat for sure and you can definitely find cheaper options but they might not look or smell quite as nice as this one. It contains only natural ingredients which include botanical squalene, grape seed and sweet almond oils. If you are from the UK you will probably love that it smells just like a Terry’s chocolate orange which reminds me of Christmas at home as a kid. Soft hands and nostalgia to the max.

111 SKIN

This brand is completely new to me and I wanted to try the Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel. The funky name came about because the brand is created by a Harley Street plastic surgeon in collaboration with space scientists. I let out a bit of an eye roll when I read the outer space part but I’ll say that this is an excellent eye gel that I can literally feel working on the skin – and so it should given the expensive price tag. It’s packaged perfectly in opaque, airless packaging to protect the precious and expensive ingredients from air and light. If you can afford it then try it because it’s really, really good and a pleasure to use. Otherwise there are cheaper eye products that still offer good results.

The Ordinary

A skincare haul wouldn’t be complete without some new bits from The Ordinary. I needed (yes needed) to add a peptide serum to my routine so I chose Matrixly 10% + HA. I have noticed an overall plumping of the skin and a tiny reduction in fine lines, this also contains hyluronic acid which helps keep the skin hydrated.

I’ve been on the lookout for a potent antioxidant so I decided to try the new EUK 0.1%. This is particularly good if you live in a city where pollution is heavier but everyone will benefit greatly from a good antioxidant serum. What makes this one unique as it continually regenerates to fight free radicals as they reappear on the skin allowing it to continually work throughout the day. It also gives the skin a natural looking glow that lasts all day.

The Ordinary have worked really hard to create a vitamin C that remains stable in the packaging. This is a difficult ingredient to work with as it’s unstable and oxidises very easily. I picked up the water free vitamin C suspension 30% in silicone which gets to work only once it reacts with the water naturally present on the skin.


The best thing about Clinique is that everything is fragrance free and the cleansers and SPF’s are absolutely brilliant. Everyone raves about take the day off cleansing balm as a makeup and SPF remover. I’ve tried it and it works perfectly but until they find an alternative to the palm oil derivative they currently use I won’t be using it. Instead I tried take the day off cleansing milk and I think it’s great. It glides across the skin nicely and removes the day’s dirt and my SPF perfectly when used with a flannel (washcloth). I’ve a fan of the mineral sunscreen fluid for face and picked up a bottle of SPF 50. It leaves a bit of shine that wears off but you might not like it if your skin is particularly shiny to begin with. It doesn’t leave a white cast which is why I like it. I just wish the 30ml tube was a bit bigger.



  1. October 17, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    Oskia is British?! In my head, I had this big idea that it was a Scandinavian brand that has broken through the industry in the last few years! The Renaissance Cleansing Gel is definitely on my wish list but think I’m banning myself from buying any more beauty bits until December (went shopping yesterday…).

    The Clinique cleansing balm is one of my absolute favourites…may I ask why the palm oil derivative is bad? I have heard of it but I don’t know much about it.

    The Ordinary have been fab from the get-go, and it’s great they have different Vitamin C products with different consistencies and stability. I wasn’t a fan of the original suspension though, and not sure how I feel about this one with the silicone since I prefer not to use silicone-base products. How do you find it? Did it fit neatly into your skincare routine? (Because I found the original suspension incredibly difficult to fit into it.)

    • October 17, 2017 / 4:13 pm

      Hey, thanks for coming back!
      You should definitely give OSKIA a try, the face oil has such a unique texture just like water!
      I try to avoid all products containing palm oil expecially food (no more nutella) because people are cutting down rain forests to plant the palm trees to produce more palm oil – it’s terrible.
      I heard that the vitamin c 23% was uncomfortable on the skin and the new 30% in silicone is very smooth and hasn’t caused irritation beyond some mild tingling. The silicone formula isn’t my favourite but I’m willing to overlook it for the price and strength and stability of the vitamin c. I will put together a skin care routine using this and post it on the blog soon : )

  2. October 22, 2017 / 8:12 am

    You always have the best skincare regiments so I know I can trust your picks. Ive been wanting to try OSKIA as well so I’ll try and find it in London later today!


    • October 22, 2017 / 8:20 am

      Get the oskia renaisance cleansing gel if you can. I heard it’s amazing.