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“It’s up to us to make personal changes to protect our planet and not rely solely on the governments.”

I have an uneasy feeling whenever I throw food packaging in the bin. Yes, it’s a recycling bin but the amount of plastic I throw away just doesn’t feel right. The world seems chaotic. With the natural disasters, political mayhem and general intolerance to each other. I feel like we’re facing difficult times and the universe is giving us a taste of our own medicine. For years I’ve heard environmentalists warning the governments about the effects of climate change. I don’t know about you but I’m not waiting for anyone. There’s power in numbers and we are the one’s to make the changes by the decisions we make.

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Sorry, pardon WHAT??? Yes, I did say eat your SPF just not the bottle of sunscreen that’s sitting on the bathroom shelf. Let me explain…..

Certain anti-inflammatory foods, high in antioxidants work as a natural SPF. UV exposure is the biggest cause of skin ageing, not to mention skin cancer. Using a daily SPF is a wise choice but why not take it a step further by eating foods that bolster skin’s natural defense against the sun. View Post



M.E. Skin Lab Paris is a line of skincare created by Pharmacist Ms Michèle Evrard who had over 18 years’ experience in the industry before she started the brand in 2009. Each product relies on a carefully measured blend of active natural ingredients to give the results we come to expect from premium skincare.

The brand sent me three serums and I’ve been testing them over the last couple of weeks. Complex 27 Bio-Restorative Regenerative Serum is lightweight and nutrient dense with a lovely silky texture that’s unusual for a non-synthetic product. At night I’ve been mixing one pump of this with Essence 27 Bio-Vitalizing Cell Hydration Fluid which contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. When combined at night I find my skin to be fresh looking, plump and even toned by morning. Whilst these are both lightweight in texture they are somewhat rich so a little goes a long way.

Huile 27 Bio-Nourishing Cell Regenerating Oil I found intensely rich. Containing Macadamia Oil, and Tiger Nut Oil this will quench the thirstiest skin. On the first use I mixed all three products together and I developed a pimple overnight which told me this combination was too rich and I stuck with the first two products. My skin leans toward the dry side and I use oils a lot so my skin is used to them. I plan to save this for January and February when my skin starts to shrivel up from the months of cold weather and central heating. Then will this product serve me and I imagine a few drops of this, either with the other serums or with some moisturiser will deeply nourish and hydrate my skin. Each serum has a very subtle fragrance which comes from the natural ingredients.

I find the monochrome packaging super slick and plan to take them on my trip to London in a couple of weeks. They also come in a box making them a great option for gifting this Christmas. There are more products in the range which you can find at Mr Porter & Colette.

Disclaimer. Brands and PR agencies regularly send me products and clothes as samples. I only feature/wear/review the things that suit my personal style and that I enjoy using. What works for me may not work for you. To be on the safe side, try before you buy.






Do you remember when samples only came in sachet’s? There would be enough moisturiser or shampoo in one sachet for three uses but I’d have to throw it away after the first use otherwise it would dry up. Brands have upped their came and now use proper packaging so we can use the sample several times and get a proper feel for the product. These also make handy travel products and I like to save them up for when I’m going on a short trip and need to pack light. Next week I’m off to London and I’ve pulled pieces from my stash featuring some of my favourite brands. Department stores are great places to pick up samples when you are shopping. Mostly they will offer you something, I request pieces from brands I know I will like. A lot of these samples I received from but most large online beauty stores will send samples when you order something. It’s really satisfying to use everything up whilst I’m away and not have to pack the products in my bathroom. This also leaves a tiny bit of room for new additions to pick up along the way.


For whatever reason we can find ourselves in need of motivation or guidance. During a rough patch in my life a friend sent me a book as a gift. I remember looking at it and thinking ‘what a dull looking book, why did she think I would like this’. The gift turned out to be a blessing because I would never have considered buying it, when the information inside was life changing. The book is called A Peaceful Warriors Guide To Daily Life and despite the unappealing cover I quickly got into it and couldn’t put it down. It opened my mind to the power of energy, being mindful and transformative thinking. The wisdom made total sense to me and I knew I would never think in the same way again. I’ve done some digging and put together a list of 5 books that could change your life. If a book that has changed your life in some way please leave a comment or contact me on twitter or instagram.

1 No Ordinary Moments. A Peaceful Warriors Guide To Daily Life by Dan Millman

2 A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle

3 The Power Of You by Rav Berg

4 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

5 What They Teach You At Harvard Business School by Philip Delves Broughton

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