Once again I prepared an impromptu dish and just as I’m about to tuck in I decide I should share it on the blog. Therefore this post isn’t picture heavy nor is it beautifully styled. But, it’s a real moment from my daily life which hopefully you will agree is far better! This cheeky cous cous salad is as a healthy vegetarian lunch option or a lightweight dinner that’s perfect during the summer months. Cous cous provides a good source of lean vegetarian protein, the grains swell up making this nice and filling and a good source of fiber. I added lot’s of complimenting flavours to make sure it’s satisfying and tasty. View Post

I find the combination of a white t-shirt and blue denim very satisfying. It’s like olive oil and balsamic vinegar, simple yet bloody good. View Post

I’m all about simple things, made well. Organic Basics is a new brand from Denmark. The range of t-shirts, underwear and socks for men and women are all organic and produced ethically in Turkey. View Post

Natural skincare brand NUORI have launched Vital Unifier. This is a toner, essence and mist, all-in-one sleek white bottle.

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Based in Stockholm ASKET is a line of menswear basics that relies on good quality materials and ethical manufacturing. One permanent collection consists of simple t-shirts, pullovers and shirts in a colour palette of navy, grey, black and white. These are well made, everyday essentials with a unique size guide that everyone should be offering.
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