Perricone MD Plasma  reviewPerricone MD Plasma  review

The Plasma Essentials Collection by Perricone MD came to my rescue this Winter and I’m going to tell you why. The Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment was out of my comfort zone as it’s non-rinse (kind of like a micellar water). If you wear make-up this is a good option as your first cleanse as part of double cleanse in the evening. Or simply as a morning cleanse. I use it in the morning and splash my face with water afterwards, I couldn’t cleanse without a wet cloth or a thorough splash of water, it wouldn’t feel right. When I use this my face feels especially clean but not stripped.

Cold Plasma Eye is a wonderful eye cream that I’m using at night. Even a generous amount absorbs quickly without a trace of residue. It’s the best. It’s worth mentioning this smells a little like fish. I imagine it’s marine collagen or fish oil. What this means is the nutritious ingredients haven’t been diluted to make it smell pretty. I prefer this as I want the best for my skin. And it doesn’t smell bad, just different. 

Containing three types of hyaluronic acid Hyalo Plasma works as a serum and is a pleasure to use. It’s a gel consistency that feels concentrated and rich yet lightweight. It’s not sticky and leaves my skin feeling properly hydrated.

Photo Plasma is an intensely rich moisturiser with SPF 30. Whilst it hasn’t been fragranced I think this smells very nice. It really is rich, especially when used in combination with the Hyalo Plasma. If you have dry, dull skin I expect you will love it. I appreciate the SPF 30 as anything lower wouldn’t be enough for me. This leaves a nice sheen on the skin which lasts for an hour or two. I have a feeling make-up will sit nicely on top of this as it doesn’t feel greasy. If you have an issue with shine then this won’t work for you. If you like a glossy glow from your moisturiser then give it a go.

The products work very well together and this makes great sense as a set. I need another cleanser in addition. I happened to be using the Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser (it’s so good) and for me this completes the set to perfection. It’s currently on 50% discount but most places are sold out. It’s still available here though.

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This week I have three skin care winners that also happen to look great on the bathroom shelf. The new season brings a new cleanser and I’ve chosen the Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser which I really, really like. This is a foaming gel cleanser which is perfect for morning use and suitable for all skin types. The formula contains olive fruit extracts which are nourishing and hydrating. It’s a good option for sensitive skin as it’s fragrance free and sulfate free. This has a rich and slightly oily consistency but it’s non greasy and doesn’t leave a residue. It seems pricey but it’s a 237ml bottle and a little goes a long way so the cost per use makes it reasonable. I apply a 5 pence amount to damp skin, it foams quickly and rinses easily. The bottle is glass and potentially dangerous but I don’t care because it looks ace in my bathroom!

With cold weather approaching I’m taking precautions as central heating tries to suck the life out of my skin! NIOD Hydration Vaccine does what it says on the tin. The thick gel glides over the skin creating a breathable barrier to protect against moisture loss. I hate anything that leaves a noticeable residue on my skin – this does not. I recommend this for nighttime use, applied over your serum and under your moisturiser. I imagine this is an excellent product for use when flying and I plan to take it on my travels.

Kiehl’s excel when it comes to exfoliators and the new Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate is no exception. This is an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) exfoliator that comes as a serum to be used at night. It definitely works and expect to notice a difference after the first use. I’m always using various acid exfoliators so my skin is used to this type of product. If you are not then use two or three times a week and see how your skin feels. If you experience no redness of sensitivity then increase up to every night if you wish. Always use a daily SPF 25 or higher whilst using AHA. I find this a little drying on my skin so to counteract this I apply NIOD hydration vaccine on top followed by a little oil which creates the perfect balance for me.

If you’ve tried any of these send me a tweet and let me know your thoughts.