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First step cleanse…

Cleansing is the nicest part of my evening skincare routine, it’s like taking my shoes off after a long day. For a while I tried the whole double cleanse malarky but my skin doesn’t usually need it. I’m still using Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and I bloody love it. That rose/plastic-y smell is so addictive that my other cleansers are gathering dust in the corner. If my skin is feeling particularly filthy or congested I will add a second cleanse in the shower. I like NIOD Sanskrit Saponins. It just sucks up any dirt like a hoover. View Post



This week I’m like one of those people who constantly post pictures of their cat’s or their kids. I haven’t got any cat’s or kids so I’ve been posting pictures of trees. I just love Autumn with it’s golden coziness. The first sign of colder weather and I’m already making cottage pies and planning where I’ll buy my crazy Christmas socks from. The tree obsession needs to calm down, my instagram feed is full of them.

In today’s post there’s not a hint of a tree not even a single golden leaf. Instead I’d like to tell you about my lovely new hand & body wash from MALIN + GOETZ. I recently featured their detox cleansing mask and it’s still my favourite. The body wash is also a lovely treat. The bulk of anyone’s skincare budget should go on the face but considering skin is our biggest organ we should splurge on a gentle body wash when possible.

MALIN + GOETZ only formulate with functional ingredients that are good for us. It’s not completely natural and organic but you won’t find an effective yet drying foaming agent or any potentially irritating artificial fragrances. This has a subtle yummy fragrance of lime and foams very nicely. It would make an excellent Christmas gift as it comes in a nice box. The brand has stand alone stores in London or you can order online from Liberty. Another brand I like is NIOD. The mother company Deciem recently launched a new brand called The Ordinary which is anything but. I’m desperate to get my hands on some of the products to share with you all. For now I’m using NIOD Flavanone Mud which is responsible for clearing out the pores in my t zone.

Do you remember the terrible sachet mud masks, well this is nothing like those. Containing bentonite clay, black mud and a highly purified flavanone derived from citrus peel this chocolaty concoction effectively cleanses my sometimes congested pores. Beware, it stings when emulsified with water which they say is to be expected in some cases. It’s not super uncomfortable but in my case it’s definitely noticeable. It’s recommended for use once a week with the option to use daily for the first five days which accelerates the results.



This week I have three skin care winners that also happen to look great on the bathroom shelf. The new season brings a new cleanser and I’ve chosen the Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser which I really, really like. This is a foaming gel cleanser which is perfect for morning use and suitable for all skin types. The formula contains olive fruit extracts which are nourishing and hydrating. It’s a good option for sensitive skin as it’s fragrance free and sulfate free. This has a rich and slightly oily consistency but it’s non greasy and doesn’t leave a residue. It seems pricey but it’s a 237ml bottle and a little goes a long way so the cost per use makes it reasonable. I apply a 5 pence amount to damp skin, it foams quickly and rinses easily. The bottle is glass and potentially dangerous but I don’t care because it looks ace in my bathroom!

With cold weather approaching I’m taking precautions as central heating tries to suck the life out of my skin! NIOD Hydration Vaccine does what it says on the tin. The thick gel glides over the skin creating a breathable barrier to protect against moisture loss. I hate anything that leaves a noticeable residue on my skin – this does not. I recommend this for nighttime use, applied over your serum and under your moisturiser. I imagine this is an excellent product for use when flying and I plan to take it on my travels.

Kiehl’s excel when it comes to exfoliators and the new Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate is no exception. This is an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) exfoliator that comes as a serum to be used at night. It definitely works and expect to notice a difference after the first use. I’m always using various acid exfoliators so my skin is used to this type of product. If you are not then use two or three times a week and see how your skin feels. If you experience no redness of sensitivity then increase up to every night if you wish. Always use a daily SPF 25 or higher whilst using AHA. I find this a little drying on my skin so to counteract this I apply NIOD hydration vaccine on top followed by a little oil which creates the perfect balance for me.

If you’ve tried any of these send me a tweet and let me know your thoughts.


NIOD copper amino isolate

NIOD copper amino isolate


When it comes to advanced skincare it’s serums that lead the way as the molecular size is smaller when compared with a cream. Smaller molecules sink deeper within the layers of our skin whereas creams target only the surface layers. NIOD have mastered this with their Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex which I featured a while back. I really liked this product so I was excited to test out the Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1.00%. This product is a great all rounder as it keeps the skin in a heightened state of repair yet also contains hyaluronic acid which is great for moisture. With this you can expect to see improvements with hyper pigmentation, pore size, wrinkles, texture, tone and radiance.

This comes with a generous volume of copper amino isolate, especially when compared with other (sometimes more expensive) brands on the market. This is what I like most about NIOD. They create concentrated products that give clearly noticeable results at a fair price. This makes total sense to me because they no doubt sell truck loads of the stuff because of the results and price points. I feel the same about Paula’s Choice and I always recommend them to anyone looking for the hardest working products that are good value for money. NIOD have also got the packaging right (in my opinion) so it’s a win win for me.

This comes in two bottles that need to be activated before the first use. I mixed the pure copper amino isolate with the remaining serum and gave it a good shake before use. I apply to my face after cleansing and leave it for at least 30 seconds before applying a moisturiser. After the first time my skin looked instantly smoother and generally better. I’m using it morning and night but I will go down to just the night after 10 days. This is great at healing so if you’ve had a spot or scratch expect to see accelerated repair when using this. So far I’m super happy with the results and I definitely recommend you try it out and see for yourself – especially if you are concerned with anti-ageing.






I love hyaluronic acid!

It sounds like an expensive synthetic ingredient when in fact it occurs naturally in our own bodies.

Serums have a lower molecular weight than thicker creams. This allows them to absorb slightly deeper in the skin. DECIEM is the company behind some of my favourite brands including Fountain. They have since created NIOD and today I will review the  Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. This serum contains 12 different hyaluronic compounds to target different layers of the skin.

This watery texture is unbelievably light. I find 6 drops sufficient to cover my entire face. It absorbs almost immediately leaving my skin super smooth and soft. With continued use (about 10 days) my skin is feeling hydrated from the inside out. I’ve have a few different products on the go but I’m managing to use this twice daily with either a moisturiser or a face oil on top. I heard great reports from others, one friend called it “a face lift in a bottle”. Which is a bit much if you ask me. It’s good but not that good. A little goes a long way, so the 30€ price tag is incredible value for money considering the hydration it provides.