climate change

“It’s up to us to make personal changes to protect our planet and not rely solely on the governments.”

I have an uneasy feeling whenever I throw food packaging in the bin. Yes, it’s a recycling bin but the amount of plastic I throw away just doesn’t feel right. The world seems chaotic. With the natural disasters, political mayhem and general intolerance to each other. I feel like we’re facing difficult times and the universe is giving us a taste of our own medicine. For years I’ve heard environmentalists warning the governments about the effects of climate change. I don’t know about you but I’m not waiting for anyone. There’s power in numbers and we are the one’s to make the changes by the decisions we make.

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My go-to wardrobe staples must be versatile and comfortable. These Drape shoes from Farah Menswear are comfortable enough to wear on a wander through the forest yet smart enough for an evening out. Same goes with these denim trousers from DML Jeans. I like this style as they aren’t too skinny in the leg yet come in slim at the ankle. They also offer short, regular and long options for the legs. So, if you prefer a style that’s shorter in the leg then this is the brand for you.

Photography Christian Roman for LOOKIN GOOD FEELIN FINE.

Disclaimer. Brands and PR agencies regularly send me products and clothes as samples. I only feature/wear/review the things that suit my personal style and that I enjoy using. What works for me may not work for you. To be on the safe side, try before you buy.



I started this weekend feeling exhausted and as it’s moved along I’m feeling better and better. I’d even go so far as to say it’s almost been a perfect weekend – and it’s not over yet. I’ve managed to get some much needed r&r whilst getting some extra work done and enjoying this amazing weather.

A couple weeks ago I received a great backpack from British brand Forbes & Lewis. I got to choose the style beforehand and I’m really pleased with it. It hit’s the balance between classic and casual which fit’s my style perfectly plus it’s nice and big allowing me to fit everything I need inside. It’s great for taking a packed lunch on hiking trips and I plan to take it with me to London next month.

Photography by Christian Roman for LOOKIN GOOD FEELIN FINE.

*Brands and PR agencies regularly send me products and clothes for free. I feature/wear/review the things that suit my personal style and that I enjoy using.






Whilst watching the British TV show Mr Selfridge I was admiring the glasses worn by actor Jeremy Piven. His were reading glasses but when I saw a pair of shades in a similar style by OBLYK I knew I had to try them. Completely handcrafted in Italy this frame is from their latest collection, Graffiato. I was into round glasses anyway but these shades push the style further and I think they look rather dapper.

Photography by Christian Roman for lookin good feelin fine.