lookin good feelin fine minimal guys style

Minimal menswear = maximum style…

I put together this minimal style outfit using a few key wardrobe essentials. The tailored trousers have a wide leg that tapers at the ankle. The simple green jacket is buttoned up to allow those lines clean. I finished the look off with black sunnies, simple white sneakers and gloves. I think this looks relatively lightweight for a snowy winter day. It was freezing! But thanks to some nifty layering I remained nice and warm. It’s nice to go about my day toasty and easy going without always having to bulk out with a heavy coat. View Post



Alex Carro is great new line of all-natural skin care from Barcelona. It’s a capsule range containing five intermixable products. This well balanced collection will work for most skin types from normal to dry – I received three products to try out.

The cleanser is a gel texture which dissolves into a milk once emulsified with water. If you like a moisturing cleanser but find a balm or oil heavy then this is a good option. If you use a foaming cleanser now might be a good time to switch to a more nourishing, gentle cleanser such as this.  The exfoliating powder can be added to the cleanser to create a scrub or add it to the face oil for a hydrating scrub. Personally I prefer to cleanse my face first and before rinsing I add a half teaspoon of the exfoliating powder to damp hands and gently massage it in with the cleanser to exfoliate. The cleanser contains jojoba oil for moisture, petitgrain to re-balance, palmarose for hydration and uplifting bitter orange. The exfoliating powder is a combination of natural granules and enzyme powders. These are made up of bamboo, rosehip, papaya, pineapple and enzymes of papain and bromelain. 

Last up is the balancing face oil. This is my favourite product due to it’s smell which I really like. The blend of rose, geranuim, patchouli, Moroccan argan, evening primrose and Japanese rice bran oils creates a luxurious, spa-like fragrance which I find extremely calming. It’s a relatively lightweight oil which gives my skin an intense glow after the cleanser and exfoliator. Due to the soothing fragrance I prefer to use this at night.

The reduced design of the packaging reflects the simplified approach of this brand which I like very much. If you visit the Alex Carro website you will see the products also come in nice grey boxes. They offer a gift box and a sampling set making this is great option for gifting this Christmas. All of the ingredients are functional and nourish the skin, naturally. In addition to the three products I featured there is a face cream and a multi-use balm which I imagine will make the most wonderful lip balm this winter.