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I’m a little late getting around to this post as I went for fragrance profiling at Penhaligons in December. I remember rushing to my appointment at the store on Burlington Arcade. It was half snowing half raining on a Monday as I made my way from Green Park station. The week before was a particularly busy one and I’d given little thought to what fragrance profiling entails.

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fragrance review

I just wanna feel warm…

Early mornings and the cold scare me. The thought of waking up when it’s still dark and having to venturing outside, fills me with dread. I’ve made sure it doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s usually to catch a flight. Nearly always booked by a friend trying to save money and maximise the time away. If it’s up to me I always fly during the day. Anything to avoid waking up when it’s dark and cold. View Post

Being a 90’s kid I’m feeling so much nostalgia for the fashion revival I’m seeing right now. The oversized streetwear with massive logo’s from brands like Champion, Fila and Kappa bring back comforting memories from my years growing up. Another moment from the 90’s, one I was too young to buy into was Calvin Klein. The recently revived Obsessed fragrance still uses the original campaign featuring Kate Moss. For as long as I can remember I have loved Kate and as time passes her rockstar status only increases.

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The Woods by Brooklyn Soap company body wash review.

The Woods by Brooklyn Soap company body wash review.

Brooklyn Soap Company is a great brand that I have always liked. Since the launch of their first fragrance The Woods I was impressed to see that they switched up the packaging. It looked great before but we always like something new, right?! The change in packaging brought a new addition. The Woods body wash which smells bloody gorgeous. This is a modern and luxurious fragrance that happens to be right up my street. It’s masculine but not obviously masculine. Instead it’s richly intense and simply, really good. If you are looking to upgrade your body wash to something special then I urge you to have a whiff of this. It’s free from the aggressive sulfates, artificial colors and preservatives found in the luxury brands. If you are shopping for that man in your life then consider this, I have a feeling you might be looking to borrow it. What’s next from Brooklyn Soap Company? I have no idea. But if I had to guess I’d say skincare. I’m sure it would be great!



I smell particularly fine at the moment, even if I do say so myself. And I have the fellas at Brooklyn Soap Company to thank for my sophisticated and manly odeur. A few months ago I featured their first fragrance The Woods which I’m still liking very much.

They just launched a new all-natural deodorant which comes as an improved version of their original one. The previous version was very effective and I couldn’t find fault, however this one is powered by silver (silver is naturally anti-bacterial) and it’s also alcohol free which is great for anyone with sensitive skin. I only use natural deo’s as they are healthier and better for the environment than the commercial, drug store versions. For a while I’d given up on natural deodorant as I’d tried a few that didn’t work at all. I brought one from the drug store brand Lavera which went straight in the bin and I recently tried one from SA.AL&CO which I didn’t like at all. This one ticks all the boxes as it’s effective, smells good and I like the packaging. It’s available from here.