climate change

“It’s up to us to make personal changes to protect our planet and not rely solely on the governments.”

I have an uneasy feeling whenever I throw food packaging in the bin. Yes, it’s a recycling bin but the amount of plastic I throw away just doesn’t feel right. The world seems chaotic. With the natural disasters, political mayhem and general intolerance to each other. I feel like we’re facing difficult times and the universe is giving us a taste of our own medicine. For years I’ve heard¬†environmentalists warning the governments about the effects of climate change. I don’t know about you but I’m not waiting for anyone. There’s power in numbers and we are the one’s to make the changes by the decisions we make.

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Last week I went to Augsburg and paid a visit to Green Glam. I spent an afternoon chatting with Nina who owns the store with her husband.¬†If you’re a fan of natural and organic beauty or grooming then I recommend you pay a visit to the store in Germany. You will be pushed to find a place quite like it anywhere.

Last year I wrote a post on the store so it was nice to visit in person. Whilst I was there I put together an edit of my top 5 ‘green’ products for Spring. In case you were wondering if that’s a pool in the picture, the answer is yes. Well kind of. The store opens up into the most beautiful private courtyard. Like I said, you’ll be pushed to find anywhere quite like Green Glam.