In the last 18 months I have been blogging regularly and during that time I have learned so much about myself. Writing this is in itself making me feel uncomfortable as I’m opening up a little more. But at the same time I feel happy that I’m continuing to break down those internal walls and share what’s really going on inside. View Post



Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week, I was in London visiting friends and family. It was a whirlwind of a week seeing many different people that I had no time for blogging. I managed to take some nice photos using my i phone which I will put together in a post soon.

I’ve been decorating on and off for the last year and I recently finished painting my lounge/office. There are a few touch ups needed but overall it’s almost complete. I was super surprised to come home and find that my boyfriend had created a new workspace for me. I have a long desk which is great for photographing new products and creating flatlays. He also designed a nice seating area and put some old pictures on the walls. We have so many pictures and painting to hang and I’m really happy he’s got the ball rolling. I plan to hang a few more things in the coming weeks.

I have lot’s of super nice skincare to share with you and I have a few random topics I really want to discuss. So, lot’s to come which will hopefully make up for my recent lack of posts.

Take care,