This week I’m like one of those people who constantly post pictures of their cat’s or their kids. I haven’t got any cat’s or kids so I’ve been posting pictures of trees. I just love Autumn with it’s golden coziness. The first sign of colder weather and I’m already making cottage pies and planning where I’ll buy my crazy Christmas socks from. The tree obsession needs to calm down, my instagram feed is full of them.

In today’s post there’s not a hint of a tree not even a single golden leaf. Instead I’d like to tell you about my lovely new hand & body wash from MALIN + GOETZ. I recently featured their detox cleansing mask and it’s still my favourite. The body wash is also a lovely treat. The bulk of anyone’s skincare budget should go on the face but considering skin is our biggest organ we should splurge on a gentle body wash when possible.

MALIN + GOETZ only formulate with functional ingredients that are good for us. It’s not completely natural and organic but you won’t find an effective yet drying foaming agent or any potentially irritating artificial fragrances. This has a subtle yummy fragrance of lime and foams very nicely. It would make an excellent Christmas gift as it comes in a nice box. The brand has stand alone stores in London or you can order online from Liberty. Another brand I like is NIOD. The mother company Deciem recently launched a new brand called The Ordinary which is anything but. I’m desperate to get my hands on some of the products to share with you all. For now I’m using NIOD Flavanone Mud which is responsible for clearing out the pores in my t zone.

Do you remember the terrible sachet mud masks, well this is nothing like those. Containing bentonite clay, black mud and a highly purified flavanone derived from citrus peel this chocolaty concoction effectively cleanses my sometimes congested pores. Beware, it stings when emulsified with water which they say is to be expected in some cases. It’s not super uncomfortable but in my case it’s definitely noticeable. It’s recommended for use once a week with the option to use daily for the first five days which accelerates the results.


hylamide sub q eyes review

Hylamide targets multiple depths of the skin.

Hylamide SubQ Eyes is a lightweight eye serum. It contains a variety of peptides in different molecular weight to target different layers of the skin. When molecules are larger the ingredients that you want to go deeper are left sitting on the surface layers. A product can only do so much at the surface which makes this product more effective at hydrating the delicate eye area. The skin around the eye has no muscle behind it which is why it tends to age the fastest.

 A couple of drops is enough for both eyes. The pipette isn’t ideal as it’s on the large side. It’s easy to make the mistake of applying too much product as I did. When this happens the serum can feel a little sticky. With the right amount it absorbs nicely into the skin and provides that lightweight hydration. When applying anything to the eye area I gently tap the product on to avoid dragging the delicate skin. It great to have a brand that sells advanced skincare at a reasonable price.