I smell particularly fine at the moment, even if I do say so myself. And I have the fellas at Brooklyn Soap Company to thank for my sophisticated and manly odeur. A few months ago I featured their first fragrance The Woods which I’m still liking very much.

They just launched a new all-natural deodorant which comes as an improved version of their original one. The previous version was very effective and I couldn’t find fault, however this one is powered by silver (silver is naturally anti-bacterial) and it’s also alcohol free which is great for anyone with sensitive skin. I only use natural deo’s as they are healthier and better for the environment than the commercial, drug store versions. For a while I’d given up on natural deodorant as I’d tried a few that didn’t work at all. I brought one from the drug store brand Lavera which went straight in the bin and I recently tried one from SA.AL&CO which I didn’t like at all. This one ticks all the boxes as it’s effective, smells good and I like the packaging. It’s available from here.



Out of knowhere I suddenly found myself allergic to the fragrance in foaming products such as shampoo and body wash. I started using a cool new product with the most amazing fragrance. Then I had to stop using it immediately when I had a reaction. Bearing that in mind I was super happy when the latest launch from PC4 Men arrived in the post. Paula’s Choice products are all fragrance free. This couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’m not a fan of ranges which are so heavily labeled MEN I doubt there is a product anywhere that’s labelled WOMEN. I find it outdated as only a small amount of men these days are afraid of using a moisturiser for fear of being labelled a sissy.

Packaging aside Paula’s Choice & PC4 MEN are all excellent products. Recently I had a conversation with my sister about her skin. She is concerned that her skin is showing signs of aging and asked me to recommend some effective products. Knowing that she doesn’t have an endless budget I recommended she invest in Paula’s Choice. I recommended an acid exfoliator some retinol and an SPF.

The PC4 MEN body wash is great in many ways. It foams perfectly and leaves my skin noticeably softer (but not sticky) compared with any other body wash I’ve ever used. It contains a significant amount of Aloe Vera Juice Powder which is great for the skin. My skin was still recovering from the irritation of the past product when I started using this. I found it helped calm my skin and restore it to it’s normal balance. Lastly I like the size, at 354ml/12 fl. oz it’s a decent amount for this type of product. If you are in Germany you can purchase it on sale from here otherwise it’s available worldwide from here.




I love hyaluronic acid!

It sounds like an expensive synthetic ingredient when in fact it occurs naturally in our own bodies.

Serums have a lower molecular weight than thicker creams. This allows them to absorb slightly deeper in the skin. DECIEM is the company behind some of my favourite brands including Fountain. They have since created NIOD and today I will review the  Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. This serum contains 12 different hyaluronic compounds to target different layers of the skin.

This watery texture is unbelievably light. I find 6 drops sufficient to cover my entire face. It absorbs almost immediately leaving my skin super smooth and soft. With continued use (about 10 days) my skin is feeling hydrated from the inside out. I’ve have a few different products on the go but I’m managing to use this twice daily with either a moisturiser or a face oil on top. I heard great reports from others, one friend called it “a face lift in a bottle”. Which is a bit much if you ask me. It’s good but not that good. A little goes a long way, so the 30€ price tag is incredible value for money considering the hydration it provides.