Regular readers may notice that I collaborate with beauty mecca Niche-Beauty. When I politely requested some samples from Sunday Riley I had my fingers crossed I would receive much coveted Luna. I felt guilty requesting a specific product and decided on leaving it to chance that Luna would arrive. It turned out I was lucky and when I received the samples I found my very own bottle of Luna. It’s no surprise I had high hopes for this product so let me talk you through my experience.

I started using retinol about a month ago which I featured here. I’d heard from numerous sources that Luna contains a potent concentration of retinoid. This is absolutely true. It’s very effective at reducing fine lines whilst brightening. Giving the skin a thorough overhaul. What I love most is that it’s an oil. The morning after using this (it’s a nighttime treatment) my skin feels more hydrated. If I were to compare Luna with the 1% retinol from Paula’s Choice. Luna requires no additional moisturiser and Paula’s Choice does.

I’d say it’s the fairytale name and the subtle shade of blue which has helped propel Luna to it’s cult status. Blue tansy is what gives this product it’s blueish hue, a powerful anti-inflammatory which works in harmony with the retinoid, blue tansy counteracts any potential redness or irritation. I read a rather shocking review of Luna on the Paula’s Choice website which seemed a tad harsh and also unfair considering they advertise their own version right next to the review. I’m using both products and if I had to choose one it would probably be Luna. As a brand, Sunday Riley looks very desirable and this product is a joy to use plus (crucially) it’s very effective. I’m currently testing a couple more Sunday Riley products so look out for the reviews over the coming months.