The ‘summer body’ preparations are well underway and having been back at the gym for only 2 months I’m way behind schedule. The thought of being poolside leaves me feeling vulnerable. But, considering I haven’t booked flights to Ibiza, Miami or in fact anywhere and combine that with the washout we’re having here in Germany I can take a deep breath and calm the hell down. For now the preparations continue, with the following….

1 JAMES READ Sleep Mask Tan Face*. Go to bed pale and wake up golden is my kinda tan and the clear gel won’t streak the bed clothes. The first time using this I looked at my face wondering if I looked yellow when in fact it had been so long since I’d had a tan, real or fake, that I’d forgotten what I looked like with a golden glow. I call this the classy tan as you can build it up slowly over a few nights. This way you won’t walk into work one morning looking like anĀ umpa lumpa.

2 BUTTER ELEXIR Hair & Body Oil*. Regular readers will know that I love a natural oil. This one is packed with skin boosting essential oils, it smells like a spa and leaves my skin glistening but not greasy.

3 KIEHLS Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50*. Thanks to my tan in a can I’m all set but I won’t step out in the midday sun without full protection. During the summer this sunscreen works a treat when used as a face moisturiser. TIP. Don’t forget to add a pea size amount to the back of each hand before leaving the house, apply whatever is left to the top of your ears. Available worldwide.

4 WILLEMS EYEWEAR B-ZERO Dartmoor*. These stylish gold shades reflect the light without being full on mirror, which I like, and the quality of the lenses is outstanding. Expect to see me wearing these on my instagram soon.

5 H&M T-Shirt & Shorts. With the new season I’m mixing up my colour palette of the usual grey’s and blue’s. Adding warmer hue’s lifts the tone and injects some summer spirit.

*Press Samples