In today’s vegan, gluten-free, green juice obsessed world, we are constantly on the lookout for the newest, healthiest thing. I love that we are exposed to a way of living that is more accessible and most importantly enjoyable. One of the noticeable points I’ve heard health experts and nutritionalists mention is the importance of fish oils for day to day health. According to Dr Axe cod liver oil holds numerous health benefits. One that caught my eye is Vitamin D which my doctor recently told me I’m lacking. I’ve put the deficiency down to my increased use of sunscreen. The anti-aging benefits of an SPF have a noticeable side effect that needs to be addressed. Now that I’m taking Seven Seas Simply Timeless Marine Oil with Cod Liver Oil – plus multivitamins (gosh that was a mouthful) I’m happy to know my Vitamin D levels will be rising. The one-a-day capsules are also multivitamins so we get benefits of fish oils and a multivitamin in one go. I must admit I was nervous that I’d get an after taste of fish which is the last thing I want first thing in the morning. Luckily there has been no fishy odor or aftertaste whatsoever, it feels the same as taking an ordinary multivitamin.

More potential benefits from regularly taking fish oils are weight loss and enhanced immunity. They can also help with depression which is especially useful during the Winter months when the nights are longer. Lastly the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils are anti-inflammatory which is so important as staying alkaline is a key to being healthy. I have fond memories of Seven Seas as I remember my Mum taking them when I was a kid. It also shows that they were onto the benefits of omega fatty acids decades before it became a trend alongside kale and quinoa. To find out more about Seven Seas and their different products you can visit the website.