It’s officially Springtime people! Well, in this part of the world at least. The Easter Holiday’s are over and so it’s time to freshen up my home, and my skin.

Kiehl’s have launched two new masques to the range and they both look super. For now I’m using the Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque* a few times a week. Whilst this is a purifying mask it’s different from the usual clay types as it brightens the skin leaving it soft and fresh looking. It should be used at night as the last step of your routine. I apply a generous amount to my face, leaving it for 15 minutes, as the instructions recommend I wipe off the excess and then leave it on overnight. The smell is fresh and minty (don’t expect orange or sweet because it’s not) which seems strange for a nighttime product. I normally prefer something that feels comforting at night but if it works then I’m on board! The slight menthol fragrance helps stimulate the blood flow overnight, resulting in bright and fresh skin by morning – totally worth it! I recommend a double cleanse to thoroughly remove the product which leads me to Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser*. I’m not a fan of harsh or heavy cleansers so I had some trepidation using this in case it left my skin stripped. It totally didn’t! Whilst my skin tends to be dry I have to watch that my pores don’t become clogged so I wanted to incorporate a cleanser that detoxifies my skin without stripping the natural oils. This cleanser is perfectly gentle yet leaves my skin super clean which is surprising considering that it (gently) foams. Detoxifying and foaming and usually a bad combination for me when it comes to cleansers but in this case Sunday Riley has it down!


Photography: Christian Roman for Lookin Good Feelin Fine *Press Samples