Sönd skincare is a relatively new anti-ageing skincare brand that targets sensitive skin. The key ingredient throughout Sönd is silica which they say is a key component for collagen production which ties in with their anti-ageing claims, it’s also an anti-inflammatory which tackles the sensitivity. Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems more people have sensitive skin these days? Perhaps it’s the increased use of acid exfoliators, vitamin c, retinoids etc, I’m not sure! Sönd is a small range with 4 products, 3 are topical with one supplement. I received samples of Revitalising face serum, Replenishing face oil and the Energising mineral supplements. I didn’t know what to expect with this brand, the packaging is neutral and I haven’t heard reports from any of my usual sources. The serum has a nice texture, it’s milky in colour and glides across the skin before quickly absorbing without a trace of stickiness. Off to a good start then! About 15 minutes after applying the serum I noticed my skin feeling cooler and noticeably calmer which I wasn’t expecting. With this I am very impressed because I can’t recall using skincare for sensitive skin where you can feel the results so quickly. I’ve found myself reaching for the serum over other products in my bathroom which is a good sign.

I received a tester sample of the face oil which I haven’t used as much but I still like, mostly because it contains coconut oil over fragranced essential oils. Like the serum this also contains silicone. I usually go for all natural face oils but I won’t complain about the use of silicone in this case as I believe it allows the product to glide across the skin seamlessly, thus preventing any irritation from dragging the skin. It smells slightly minty which isn’t my thing but I can see the function with this as it helps cool the skin.

Many of us take various daily supplements without seeing exactly what they do but we continue taking them because we know they are good for us. I’ve been given samples of various skincare drinks or supplements which I like to take as I believe they work yet I find them difficult to recommend when I haven’t seen noticeable results. On the same note I don’t expect noticeable results because they are just one part of an overall healthy lifestyle. The same goes for the Energising mineral supplements so I am going to simply tell you that I like them ‘I do’ and why. Sönd say that as we age silica depletes in our bodies therefor taking a silica supplement will boost our levels which has a positive effect on the elasticity and collagen levels of our skin. I hope I said that correctly! It’s worth noting that silica is also present in green vegetables so considering I drink a cold pressed green juice most days may explain why I haven’t seen a huge difference in the short time I’ve been taking the supplements. I noticed that they also contain magnesium which is what I like most about them. I used to take magnesium supplements a while back when I was training at the gym. It prevents muscle cramps and it also aids a good nights sleep! So when I saw magnesium as well as vitamin E in the ingredients I was sold that this is a good supplement for me to be taking. What’s next from Sönd? Hopefully a cleanser and some body products!

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