Since the days of MySpace I slowly but surely came around to most of the new social media channels. It started off as a fun way to connect with friends and document my life with no serious intentions. These days social media is a strong part of my business.

A couple of years ago I co-founded Intensae Nail Lacquer, a premium yet cool collection of 5-free nail lacquer. When my business partner and I launched we had little budget for PR yet we new it was key to get into the major magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and InStyle. We created an Intensae Twitter account and used it as a tool to connect with the key beauty editors, swap e mail addresses and get samples of our product into their hands. All the magazines I mentioned have featured Intensae at some point which has created valuable brand exposure that led to new customers and retailers. Without Twitter I doubt we would have had the early success.

My business partner Christian Roman is also a photographer, his skills have made an invaluable difference as he creates strong visuals to tell our brand story. Advertising campaigns and studio produced product shots are boring as hell on social media which explains why the big brands love to work with style bloggers. It’s behind the scenes and “real life” shot’s that really capture peoples attention. The cool and creative Instagram accounts I follow are usually preplanned and curated, even when it looks like it hasn’t been staged.┬áRecently I started a personal Instagram account in addition to my brand account. It started off as a bit of fun but now I run it seriously in combination with this blog and my Twitter account. I am now so interested in independent brand’s, healthy living and men’s style and grooming that I decided to share this via my own blog as a hobby. In order to connect with brand’s and develop relationships I make sure I present everything to the highest standard. Coming from the perspective of a brand founder I understand how a company likes to see their product presented and I use this knowledge to my advantage whilst adding my own take on it. Lighting is key when choosing between my i phone or a proper camera to take a photo. Outfits need to be carefully prepared, making sure there aren’t creases or marks on the shoes, flat lays are thoughtfully presented on white cardboard or the perfect stone surface. Whilst I put care and attention into the process and I also post spontaneous shots when the natural light is really good or I suddenly see something that inspires me.

When it comes to choosing from the many social networking platforms I think it’s best to focus on doing a few really well as opposed to spreading myself to thin trying to maintain a million different accounts. Right now Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are plenty in addition to my blog. Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and all the rest will have to wait until I get an assistant to help me out. And whilst my social media accounts have become a part of my career it’s still a place I can have fun and express myself creatively.