This morning I woke up with parched skin, it feels tight, dehydrated and a little sensitive. I have a love/hate relationship with the central heating – it plays havoc with my skin yet keeps me cozy and warm whilst it’s freezing outside. Time for damage control! Today will be spent layering serums, moisturisers and a drop or two of oil. This got my thinking about new products I want to try and Sisley came up on my radar. About 10 years ago I was prone to breakouts, mostly around the forehead and jaw area. At the time I was working in Harvey Nichols and the team at the Sisley counter soon became my best friends. After trying some heavy duty cleansers that left my skin stripped and sensitive I was advised to start a new regime using Sisley products. I started cleansing with the Phyto-Blanc Buff and Wash Facial Gel which I found gentle and refreshing. This was followed by Ecological Compound which is a lovely light moisturiser that soothed and hydrated my skin. Around twice a week I used the Express Flower Gel Mask which again was nice and light plus it really brightened and hydrated. My skin cleared up and for a long time I was a Sisley advocate, recommending it to anyone and everyone. But you know how it is, over time I was lured toward other brands and different products but I still have fond memories of the brand that helped fix my problematic skin. Recently I’ve heard great things about Sisley face masks and the Black Rose Precious Face Oil, these seem to be hero products within the range and are definitely on my 2016 wish-list of new products to try.

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