Do you remember when samples only came in sachet’s? There would be enough moisturiser or shampoo in one sachet for three uses but I’d have to throw it away after the first use otherwise it would dry up. Brands have upped their came and now use proper packaging so we can use the sample several times and get a proper feel for the product. These also make handy travel products and I like to save them up for when I’m going on a short trip and need to pack light. Next week I’m off to London and I’ve pulled pieces from my stash featuring some of my favourite brands. Department stores are great places to pick up samples when you are shopping. Mostly they will offer you something, I request pieces from brands I know I will like. A lot of these samples I received from but most large online beauty stores will send samples when you order something. It’s really satisfying to use everything up whilst I’m away and not have to pack the products in my bathroom. This also leaves a tiny bit of room for new additions to pick up along the way.