Perricone MD for men

New skincare for men…

If you like cult skincare brands then you should check out the online store Niche Beauty. I featured a couple of brands from there recently in The Big Skincare Post. They sent me the new Perricone MD CBx for Men range which launches soon at

Perricone MD skincare

For oily skin that’s irritated from shaving.

The new Perricone MD CBx range is for oily skin that’s prone to irritation from shaving. The three products have been formulated to work together as a range. Over the years Perricone has expanded as a brand with different sub ranges that cater to different skin types. Although brands recommend an entire range it isn’t always necessary. So I looked at each of the three products to see which ones are worth buying.

Is cannabis for skin a thing?

The unique selling point of the range is the use of ‘phytocannabinoids’. Basically a fancy name for cannabis plant extract which is a type of antioxidant. Antioxidants are essential for all of us, both in skincare and the food we eat. All good quality skincare contains some type of antioxidant. Does the use of ‘phytocannabinoids’ make this range completely different from other brands that use a type of antioxidant? No.

Perricone MD super clean face wash

It all starts with a clean face…

Super Clean Face Wash is a gentleish foaming face wash.

As foaming cleansers go this is a good one but not the best out there. It works very well at removing the day’s oil and grease but it won’t properly remove SPF or make-up. It contains some lovely ingredients including aloe vera and oat protein, unfortunately these soothing/calming properties can’t do that much in a face wash. Out of the three products this isn’t a must and there are other cleansers I would recommend before this.

One of my favourite multi purpose face washes EVER is the Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser. It destroys dirt, oil, SPF & make-up in one go. Another excellent cleanser for oily skin or anyone looking for a deep clean is NIOD Sanskrit Saponins.

Perricone MD soothing post shave moisturiser

A manly serum with soothing ingredients…

The soothing post-shave treatment is a nice lotion that absorbs quickly without any residue. It contains great ingredients including aloe vera, witch hazel and chlorella to soothe irritated skin. Personally, I don’t wet shave but I’m using this regardless because it’s great for the skin. And on the occasions when I do wet shave I know I’ll be reaching for this.

Perricone MD lightweight moisturiser for men

Last step moisturiser…

The lightweight moisturiser is my favourite from the three. As the label suggests it is lightweight but it still has some guts and I can feel it moisturising my skin.

Cannabis sativa seed oil makes up the base of this formula. As the list goes down it also contains niacinamide and shea butter. Niacinamide is a great ingredient for many skin conditions, especially congested or spot prone. It’s known for shrinking pores, balancing sebum levels and evening out the skin tone. Shea butter is a natural moisturising ingredients that prevents the skin from drying out.

Perricone MD skincare

I can see how the three products have been formulated to work together as a range. The post shave treatment and lightweight moisturiser are the must haves. As far as the cleanser, I could take it or leave it. The whole ‘phytocannabinoids’ thing is mostly marketing. It doesn’t mean it’s not good for this skin, it is, but it isn’t anything particularly innovative or unusual. All of the products carry a fragrance that reminds me of the original Hotel Costes candle. If fragrance is important to you then you will love this.

Perricone MD CBx for men is available soon from


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  1. November 1, 2017 / 9:58 pm

    Self-care is a great way to kick off November! I might steal your post lol. I’ve been searching for a good mens cleanser for my boyfriend and this looks like it’ll do the job. Thanks!