I’ve seen various “beauty drinks” popping up and I must say I’m quite taken by the concept. A while back I featured FOUNTAIN which offer a lovely selection of liquid supplements enhanced with hyaluronic acid. I was contacted by UK brand Rejuvenated who’ve sent me a sample of Collagen Shots. They say it’s a high performance collagen drink formulated with the most powerful and effective ingredients. The results claim to firmer, plumper and more youthful skin from the inside.

I remember first seeing collagen pills in Space NK about 10 years ago. Rejuvenated contains 10,000 mgs of collagen per serving. I’m sure this is a vast improvement to the tiny bottle of pills I saw 10 years ago. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B, copper, acai berry, vitamin c and zinc. Think of this as a daily vitamin supplement for your skin. It’s best taken on an empty stomach. You can drink it at night with a glass of water or perhaps first thing with a juice or smoothie. The colour is pink and tastes it tastes nice comtaing stevia as a natural substitute to sugar. The pack contains 30 servings and costs £39.95.

When I started using this it happened to coincide with a review on the 20 day vitamin C serum treatment from Nouri. The serum was incredible and left my skin super smooth. I can’t say if the collagen shots made a noticeable difference to my skin. But! I think these things should be taken for longer to really gauge the results. The FOUNTAIN bottle lasted for three months. I also don’t expect any supplement to make a visible difference in the same way a moisturiser does. I imagine the external results are more gradual as the nutrients are doing their job from the inside out. Overall I think this is a nice brand, that offers daily vitamins/supplements that specifically target the skin.