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I’m a little late getting around to this post as I went for fragrance profiling at Penhaligons in December. I remember rushing to my appointment at the store on Burlington Arcade. It was half snowing half raining on a Monday as I made my way from Green Park station. The week before was a particularly busy one and I’d given little thought to what fragrance profiling entails.

When I arrived the Penhaligons store was everything I expected it to be – like something out of a Charles Dickens novel. Inside it was busy with Christmas shoppers as I was greeted by Alexandra. She took me upstairs to a small but opulent room overlooking the arcade.

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A few minutes later we were sat down chatting, sipping tea as the profiling began. By this point I was feeling less wet and very cozy. It felt like a different century and I loved it.

Alexandra asked me some questions to get an idea of my tastes. My favourite food? Anything Asian. Ideal holiday destination? Give me a small sunny island with white sand, turquoise waters and I’m in heaven. Favourite fabric? Denim! She also asked me to describe my style? Of course I want to look stylish but comfort is key and my look rarely changes from day to evening.

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We continued to chat about scents and I explained what I usually go for. In the winter I like a heavier fragrance that’s slightly sweet and woody. In the summer I prefer something lighter and fresher with citrus. By this point I had a feeling Alexandra had given me the once over as she seemed confident in what I would like.

lookin good feelin fine penhaligons

I then began testing fragrances which was so much fun. The idea of smelling tonnes of different fragrances gives me a headache. But it was actually amazing. It felt as if we’d traveled around the world trying so many different things. The variety was incredible and a few of the fragrances were really out there. One of them smelt like freshly cut stems and I really wanted it. Then I found out it’s called The revenge of Lady Blanche and I was mortified.

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Toward the end I was down to a final three to choose from. I suddenly remembered one in particular called Lothair. I said that’s the one. That’s the one I want. It’s light and fresh but also warm. Alexandra was thrilled as Lothair was the first fragrance she chose for me thinking it would suit me.

The entire experience was dreamy and I want everyone to try it. Leaving the store was liking stepping back into reality except I had a bag with my new fragrance inside – and I can remember it actually happened.

Fragrance profiling takes 45 minutes – an hour. It’s free of charge but I doubt you would leave without buying something. You can book an appointment in London at the Burlington Arcade and Kings Road stores.

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  1. January 29, 2018 / 5:14 pm

    I remember going to the store near Angel in London. It was so rustic and charming looking! I’ve seen the brand in Canada before at Saks and I absolute love their scents!


  2. January 31, 2018 / 3:18 am

    Sounds like the perfect holiday me-treat! How fun!