The Plasma Essentials Collection by Perricone MD came to my rescue this Winter and I’m going to tell you why. The Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment was out of my comfort zone as it’s non-rinse (kind of like a micellar water). If you wear make-up this is a good option as your first cleanse as part of double cleanse in the evening. Or simply as a morning cleanse. I use it in the morning and splash my face with water afterwards, I couldn’t cleanse without a wet cloth or a thorough splash of water, it wouldn’t feel right. When I use this my face feels especially clean but not stripped.

Cold Plasma Eye is a wonderful eye cream that I’m using at night. Even a generous amount absorbs quickly without a trace of residue. It’s the best. It’s worth mentioning this smells a little like fish. I imagine it’s marine collagen or fish oil. What this means is the nutritious ingredients haven’t been diluted to make it smell pretty. I prefer this as I want the best for my skin. And it doesn’t smell bad, just different. 

Containing three types of hyaluronic acid Hyalo Plasma works as a serum and is a pleasure to use. It’s a gel consistency that feels concentrated and rich yet lightweight. It’s not sticky and leaves my skin feeling properly hydrated.

Photo Plasma is an intensely rich moisturiser with SPF 30. Whilst it hasn’t been fragranced I think this smells very nice. It really is rich, especially when used in combination with the Hyalo Plasma. If you have dry, dull skin I expect you will love it. I appreciate the SPF 30 as anything lower wouldn’t be enough for me. This leaves a nice sheen on the skin which lasts for an hour or two. I have a feeling make-up will sit nicely on top of this as it doesn’t feel greasy. If you have an issue with shine then this won’t work for you. If you like a glossy glow from your moisturiser then give it a go.

The products work very well together and this makes great sense as a set. I need another cleanser in addition. I happened to be using the Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser (it’s so good) and for me this completes the set to perfection. It’s currently on 50% discount but most places are sold out. It’s still available here though.

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The legal age of drinking kicks off at 18 in the UK. In the first decade of my legal drinking years I managed some level of hangover almost every weekend. The hangovers ranged from 1-10. With 1 being a slight headache upon waking that faded with some water and a coffee and 10 not being able to stand up or hold down a sip of water without being sick. Luckily I reached a 10 only a few times in that decade.

The subject of hangover cures is a heavily debated subject. Drinking plenty of water is a good idea but it doesn’t take the pain away. I was told antioxidants from strawberry’s offer a cure so one particularly painful morning at work I ordered a strawberry smoothy – it didn’t work. A glass of extra cold Coke helps momentarily as does a greasy English breakfast. A Bloody Mary can also numb the pain and get you drunk again which isn’t always a good idea. I’ve still want to try one of those iv drips. I imagine the hydration going directly to the blood stream feels like heaven.

On a long night of partying the best solution I’ve found besides not drinking at all. Is to only drink a good quality tequila and you won’t get a hangover the next day. This has been tried and tested by yours truely and it works every time. There are rules though. You can drink the tequila as a shot which is always fun or drink it long with soda water and fresh lime. Don’t mix it with coke or anything else sugary as you will get a headache the next day. If you can’t stand tequila then try a good quality, pure Vodka such as Belvedere or Grey Goose but in my opinion Tequila works best.

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For this look I’ve gone all black. I decided on slightly faded jeans, uneven in tone to soften the vibe which keeps it effortless and prevents everything looking stark. The statement piece from this outfit is definitely the shoes which inspired the whole look. This is totally versatile, can be worn day or evening, weekday or weekend.


Photography Christian Roman for LOOKIN GOOD FEELIN FINE.

Disclaimer. Brands and PR agencies regularly send me products and clothes as samples. I only feature/wear/review the things that suit my personal style and that I enjoy using. What works for me may not work for you. To be on the safe side, try before you buy.



Supreme moisture mask is the latest addition from one of my favourite brands NUORI. Everything I’ve used from this brand feels special and I love the packaging. The intense moisture mask can be used in a number of ways. The instructions suggest applying a generous amount for 10-15 minutes for an instant hydration boost or leave it overnight for an intensified result. A few weeks ago I needed to take a flight to London. I thought this would be a perfect time to test the mask. Even a short flight leaves my skin feeling dry and I wanted to see if this product would stand up.

During my morning skincare routine I replaced my usual moisturiser with the Supreme Moisture Mask and applied SPF as the last step. In terms of texture this feels like a heavy cream. However it absorbs well and feels lighter when it’s actually on the skin. As a flight mask this worked a treat and it doesn’t leave a shiny film on the skin as many moisture masks tend to do. It offered lasting hydration and my skin was still soft and quenched when I landed. If you have a long haul flight coming up then I recommend you take this with you.

I now use this about once a week as an overnight mask and I like it a lot. If you have oily or congested skin this will likely be too rich for you. However if you have any level of dryness or dehydration then you will benefit from using this. It contains a multitude of natural, plant based ingredients and essential oils. You won’t find preservatives, silicones, artificial fragrances or anything else that’s synthetic. Because of this you need to store it in a cool place and use within 6 months. During the Winter I store almost all of my skincare in a corridor where there is no heating. This is a little inconvenient as I have to move items to and from my bathroom twice a day. But, I wouldn’t put a Prada jumper in the tumble dryer so correctly storing my expensive skincare feels like the right thing to do.

Disclaimer. Brands and PR agencies regularly send me products and clothes as samples. I only feature/wear/review the things that suit my personal style and that I enjoy using. What works for me may not work for you. To be on the safe side, try before you buy.


I’m super excited as I’ve partnered with Philips for today’s post. Over seven days I’ve kept a daily diary whilst using the new Sonicare Flexicare Platinum Toothbrush. The idea of healthier teeth inspired me to live a little healthier during these seven days. With Christmas fast approaching the overindulgence is unavoidable so a little self care beforehand seems like a great idea. Follow my seven day diary and see what I got up to whilst using the new Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush.

Philips App Image.pngDay One. After charging the toothbrush for 24 hours I was keen to get started and try it out! I downloaded the Philips Sonicare app on i tunes. The toothbrush connects with the app via a built-in bluetooth (amazing, I know). It then coaches you toward the perfect brush as it displays the areas you might be neglecting to clean and if you are applying the correct amount of pressure. There are three brushing intensities, low, medium, high. Today I started with low, using the clean mode.
Previously I’d been using a regular non-electric toothbrush and I decided to start gently and build up the intensity over the coming days. With a Philips Sonicare the brush does most of the work and I was mindful to move the brush slowly and gently, back and forth, so the bristles can reach any gaps between the teeth. This brush cleans better when less pressure is applied. I have always done the opposite, applying more pressure to clean deeper. That may be the case with a manual toothbrush but not anymore!  
Afterwards my teeth feel strangely clean, like a freshly polished marble floor. They look a little whiter and super shiny. On closer inspection the areas between my teeth and gums also look super clean. Here’s a screenshot from the app’s Touch-Up feature, the yellow highlighted areas actually show you where you missed spots when you brush.


Day 2. I find it harder waking up during the Winter months, when it’s cold and dark outside. I find a daily, at-home yoga session gets my day off to a good start. For a while I’ve been practicing the crow pose. It seemed impossible at first but after some practice I seem to be getting there. On YouTube there are great yoga instructors and this morning I did a class by Yoga with Tim. Prior to the yoga I was excited to use the new Philips Sonicare toothbrush again and see if there were any improvements in the cleanness of my teeth. I upped the brushing mode to medium. I could definitely notice a difference with the increased brushing mode. The brush automatically stops when the correct amount of time has passed which I find rather handy.


Day 3. This morning I drank hot water with lemon & apple cider vinegar, first thing. Afterwards I brushed my teeth and today they look noticeably whiter which I’m super happy about. I decided to give the tongue cleaner a go. This is a separate head that replaces the brush head. 80% of oral bacteria is found on the tongue! I used 1 pump of the Philips Sonicare breath Rx tongue spray and gently brushed my tongue for 20 seconds. Afterwards my tongue looks very clean and feels incredibly fresh.



Day 4. My healthier seven days are now in full swing and I’m loving it. For breakfast I’ve swapped the usual croissant for a bowl of porridge topped with banana, cinnamon and chia seeds. I find the connected aspect of the Philips Sonicare interesting as the app can tell exactly whats going on as you brush your teeth. Smart sensors track your brushing performance and send your data to your app via bluetooth wireless technology. The app highlights trouble areas and it also let’s you know when it’s time to change the brush head. The coach sets personalised goals and tracks the progress of gum health and tooth whitening.



Day 5. It’s not long before the snow will arrive here in Germany so I decided to swap today’s yoga class and head outdoors for a 20 minute jog. The buzz I get afterwards is a welcome contrast to the peacefulness of yoga. Tomorrow I will get back on the mat for some zen time.











Day 6. After testing out the deep clean function my teeth feel so much cleaner and smoother, like I just went to the dentist. The separate adapter and spray for cleaning the tongue has also made a difference as my mouth feels super fresh.










Day 7. I’m feeling very pleased with myself having completed a healthier seven days. Setting myself tasks and structuring my day to make time for myself feels good. It’s been great fun getting to know my new Philips Sonicare toothbrush and testing out the various functions. Besides the results, my favourite functions are the UV sanitiser which ensures the brush head is perfectly clean every time I use it. The Philips Sonicare app is also great as it connects me with the toothbrush. Being able to see if I’m missing any areas when I brush or if I’m applying too much pressure is really cool.

I hope you liked this post and if you haven’t already please come and say hello via my Instagram or Twitter. Lastly, a big thanks to Philips Sonicare for partnering with me for this post.

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