The summer is drawing to an end, I can tell because the first few leaves are starting to fall. It’s still pretty hot and I’m making the most of it. Today I’m wearing a simple back t-shirt with rolled up jeans and sandals. I mean, what did we do before we started rolling up the hems of our jeans or chino’s, it seems strange not to now.

My friends at Niche-Men enlightened me on the wondrous elixir that is FOUNTAIN Food Supplements. In a nut shell this is a range of beauty supplements aimed at improving the quality and appearance of our skin. There are ten varieties offering numerous benefits from anti-ageing to elevated happiness or better hair. I’m currently giving the Energy Molecule a whirl which contains Creatine, Vitamin B12 & Hyaluronic Acid. First of all I’m a fan of anything containing Hyaluronic Acid so I was instantly sold on the concept of taking this skin boosting molecule orally. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural structural component of the skin and is known for it’s ability to retain moisture. I can never have enough energy and I appreciate the extra boost. For the last week I have been taking a teaspoon daily, either on it’s own or mixed with a juice or smoothie. The team at Deciem were kind enough to send me a bottle of the Green Molecule which I will feature in more detail later on. You can discover Fountain for yourself at Niche-Men.




I’ve hit the ground running this week so I’m feeling super inspired and energised. Yesterday I traveled to Munich for appointments and today I’m keeping it casual as I will be mostly in front of my computer. Black is the colour of choice!

Shades – Saint Laurent

T-Shirt – UNIQLO

Jeans – The Kooples

Grown Alchemist has been on my radar for a while and after reaching out to them via their website I was lucky enough to receive samples from Niche-Men in Hamburg. There has been much hype around this brand as their packaging is incredibly popular with minimalistic style bloggers and instagrammers. I’ll admit, this is what initially drew me to the brand and I was further intrigued after discovering they formulate using a wealth of natural, plant based ingredients. This got me to second base, all that was left was the performance and overall experience. The samples were sent to me along with some other products from different brands. When I opened the box I immediately smelled something really good but I didn’t know what it was. This turned out to be the Geranium Leaf, Bergamot & Patchouli Body Cleansing Bar. So good. Second up I had the Matte Balancing Moisturiser with Acai-Berry & Borago followed lastly by the Age-Repair Eye Cream with Tetra-Peptide & Centella. I’m so happy with this brand it’s not even funny. Like the packaging, the fragrance of each product is gender neutral, everything smells natural, yet super luxurious. A little goes a long way with these products, a bit more than a pea size is enough to moisturise my entire face. If you haven’t tried this brand then I urge you to visit Niche-Men or Niche-Beauty and get yourself some. It’s so worth it!



IMG_3813Another great discovery is Niche-Men which is the younger brother to Niche-Beauty. Alongside Green Glam in Augsburg these stores are amongst the very best cosmetics/men’s grooming destinations in Germany. I know my fair share when it comes to the cosmetics industry therefor I choose my skincare wisely. My personal choice is a combination of all-natural products containing organic plant based, botanical ingredients and dermatologist brands offering targeted results. Everything in between doesn’t usually interest me. I’m a stickler for quality which led me toward the all natural brands that do not formulate with any of the questionable ingredients. Whilst I’m looking for targeted results I’m not into botox because the effects aren’t usually very masculine looking. I find that super healthy, natural looking skin is the way forward. Dermatologist brands offer peels, skin brightening and anti-aging products at higher concentrations that guarantee noticeable results. In the UK there’s beauty mecca SpaceNK which offer a similar selection of top notch skincare as Niche-Beauty/Niche-Men. Green Glam and Being Content in London are on par offering all the latest and greatest in natural and organic brands. I just received a selection of fantastic products from Niche-Men which I will feature separately and in more detail. Please note that the skincare mentioned works for me personally. I suggest you speak to a member of the team at Niche-Men or Niche-Beauty who will be able to recommend the right products for your specific needs. The products photographed are all available from Niche-Men.

Stay tuned!