Packing light is the most comfortable way to go when traveling. Rifling through your suitcase at the check-in desk does not set the tone for a stylish and relaxing trip. The best situation is hand luggage only, being able to stroll out through the exit instead of waiting at the carosel earns you some extra vacation time.

I picked up my travel-lite secrets from traveling for work, in these situations we all want to be in and out of the airport as fast as possible. Most of us don’t relish the task of packing, these tried and tested tips uncover the secret to traveling light but with style.


The bigger the suitcase the more you put in it, pack smart using a small yet space efficient carry-on (with wheels) and you’re a winner. Department stores offer a selection of small cases that meet airline requirements for hand luggage. Any decent airline will have an on board carry-on allowance of one bag, include a cross strap bag for essentials like passport and wallet, with enough room to add small items from your suitcase such as cosmetics or chargers.

With a 10 year guarantee and worldwide delivery the Kin by John Lewis 2-Wheel 55cm Cabin Suitcase is great value for money at £49/73€.

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I always wear the bulkiest pieces such as shoes, belt or a jacket when I travel, freeing up valuable suitcase space. Wearing your smarter outfit option in transit increases the opportunity of a free upgrade. Never travel with full size cosmetics, either decant or buy travel sizes.


Plan each days outfits ahead of time and include versatile pieces that can be worn in different settings. I often pack a cool pair of sandals that can be worn with shorts during the day and again with casual trousers in the evening. Anything monochromatic makes recombining pieces much simpler. If you are happy to splurge on luxuries then take advantage of the hotel’s laundry service, you can wash the essentials to be worn again and leave space for anything new you might pick up along the way.

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Ancient Greek Sandals


My Apple MacBook Air 13′ weighs in at under 1.5 kg and has all the functionality I need when I’m abroad, for everything else I use my i phone. The Bowers & Wilkins P3 Foldable Headphones have heat sensitive, memory foam pads that mould themselves to the shape of your ears which helps drown out any noise from other passengers during the flight.

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Drinking hot water with lemon is nothing new, it detoxifies, boosts the immune system and it’s great for the skin. To maximise these benefits it’s important to take this healthy drink the right way. In some cases people add a slice of lemon to a cup of boiling water, if you are like me and want the maximum benefit’s from anything and everything then this will not get the job done. The small amount of juice released from an unsqueezed slice that’s had it’s vitamins depleted from the scolding water will not garner the results we come to expect from this wondrous elixir. I find the most beneficial way to take this drink is to squeeze a half lemon, or a whole one if you’re feeling brave, add it to a cup half filled with cold water and then simply top it up with water from the kettle. Warm water first thing will activate the digestive system, this combined with the lemon will cleanse your body and get your day off to a great start.

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About 5 years ago I purchased a cold pressed juicer and I have been a fan of freshly pressed juices, particularly green ones, ever since. I am all about getting the best concentration of goodness in the simplest way possible, with the large amount of vitamins a fresh organic juice provides I was instantly sold on the idea. However more recently I have reverted back to smoothies, firstly because a blender is easier to clean than my juicer and a smoothie provides the fiber which a pressed juice is lacking. Neither one is better than the other, a combination of both is the best way forward, but what’s the difference?


A cold-press juicer extracts the water and nutrients from our fruit and vegetables before discarding the fiber.

Without the fiber our digestive system absorbs the nutrients more efficiently, thus providing the body with a large amount of vitamins much faster. In my opinion juicing is most beneficial when using green vegetables, without the fiber sugar in fruit will send the blood sugar rising before the inevitable comedown.


Unlike juicing, smoothies contain the juice and fiber of the entire fruit and vegetable.

Because the blender breaks the fiber into micro-fine pieces, it is much easier for the digestive system to process when compared to eating whole. It also aids a slow and consistent release of nutrients into the blood stream. Smoothies are great for breakfast or snacks as they are more filling than juices. I like to add some coconut oil, avocado and almond milk to the mix and a handful of nuts is also good.


Juicing works best with green leafy vegetables and ensures a concentrated dose of vitamins. It’s best to buy organic, use a cold-press juicer and drink up straight away for the maximum benefits.

With the benefit of fiber when combining fruit’s such as banana or strawberry’s you can add some omega oil, avocado or seeds to increase the goodness in your smoothie. All in all juicing and blending offer separate benefits and incorporating both into your diet is a good idea.


– 1/2 of a banana

– 1/2 of an avocado

– 1/2 of a pear

– a handful of spinach

– 100ml unsweetened almond milk

– 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

If you have any thought’s on this or would like to suggest other recipe’s then tweet me or leave a comment below.

For more idea’s on healthy living and nutrition visit Food Matters.


You will not hear me complaining about the heat, period. When that sun is shining my world just lights up and fills me with optimism and energy. It gets a little tricky when you work in a city and getting from A to B efficiently without melting can be quite a task. This week is HOT, with a day of scheduled meetings I wanted my outfit to be reasonably smart yet comfortable and cool. The muted pink trousers are light and summery, the navy blue shirt was a cautionary choice in case I got a tad sweaty, which I did. The sandals are my go-to’s as they are lightweight and comfortable.

Everything was from COS.

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In the age of technology surprise someone you care for and send them a post card, it trumps an instant message any day. I brought this card a while ago from the Chris Ofili exhibition at Tate Britain.

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They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, here are three reasons to chomp on one.

1. They are packed with vitamins C, A, and flavonoids plus smaller amounts of phosphorus, iron and calcium.

2. Apples help detoxify the liver.

3. Recent studies have found that quercetin can help boost and fortify the immune system, especially when you’re stressed out.

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Head over to a beautiful world where you will find an excellent selection of natural cosmetics for both men and women. I am currently using FEED YOUR YOUTH hair and scalp serum from Yarok which works a treat on my long hair and sensitive scalp. It contains only natural ingredients and it doesn’t smell too fussy which is perfect for me.

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Whilst my skin tends to be on the dry side I prefer a lighter moisturiser during the summer months. Duel Action Aftershave is a lightweight moisturiser that will also soothe post-shaved skin. Even a generous amount absorbs into the skin without leaving a residue.

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