IMG_3813Another great discovery is Niche-Men which is the younger brother to Niche-Beauty. Alongside Green Glam in Augsburg these stores are amongst the very best cosmetics/men’s grooming destinations in Germany. I know my fair share when it comes to the cosmetics industry therefor I choose my skincare wisely. My personal choice is a combination of all-natural products containing organic plant based, botanical ingredients and dermatologist brands offering targeted results. Everything in between doesn’t usually interest me. I’m a stickler for quality which led me toward the all natural brands that do not formulate with any of the questionable ingredients. Whilst I’m looking for targeted results I’m not into botox because the effects aren’t usually very masculine looking. I find that super healthy, natural looking skin is the way forward. Dermatologist brands offer peels, skin brightening and anti-aging products at higher concentrations that guarantee noticeable results. In the UK there’s beauty mecca SpaceNK which offer a similar selection of top notch skincare as Niche-Beauty/Niche-Men. Green Glam and Being Content in London are on par offering all the latest and greatest in natural and organic brands. I just received a selection of fantastic products from Niche-Men which I will feature separately and in more detail. Please note that the skincare mentioned works for me personally. I suggest you speak to a member of the team at Niche-Men or Niche-Beauty who will be able to recommend the right products for your specific needs. The products photographed are all available from Niche-Men.

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portlandIn a few weeks I will be heading back to London and I’m super excited. I haven’t been back for 6 months so I’m looking forward to hanging out and catching up with old friends. Recently I was introduced to a men’s grooming brand from the UK called Portland England. The packaging offers a refreshing change to other brands I’ve seen online and I happily accepted an offer of samples. I find this brand so British yet it’s inspired by the ocean and sailing which reminds me of weekends away and summer holidays. All in all the first impression leaves me feeling nostalgic and a little homesick which tells me that a trip back home is long overdue! The range is focused on shaving but as I don’t wet shave or have a beard long enough to warrant using a beard oil I decided to try the Daily Face Wash with AHA Exfoliator and the Active Aftershave which I have used as cologne. Overall my impression is good as the face wash cleanses thoroughly yet leaves my skin feeling perfectly hydrated. I’m super picky when it comes to fragrance. I’m not into fashion brand fragrances at all, I prefer specialist brands such as Frederic Malle or Byredo. The products smell great and I’ve added a spritz of the aftershave to my daily cleansing and moisturising routine. I love that this brand is British, made in England with a cool design and concept. Nice one Portland England! If you’re in London you can purchase it at Fenwick on Bond Street or shop online at the Portland England website.

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IMG_3483The weather here has been so nice and hot that I’ve been taking it slow in loose comfortable pieces with bare feet in the house and garden. I have avoided heading out as much as possible, instead I prefer to stay cool indoors or sunbathe in the garden – well it is summer after all! Today however the sun has not made an appearance so I decided to get out my new denim shirt from Only & Sons that I have wanted to wear for a while. The JAWS t-shirt is super old, I completed the look with some rolled up chino’s and a pair of battered Converse.

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I recently discovered ONLY & SONS, a cool menswear brand which offers high-quality and effortless styles. Today I’m wearing a pair of their tailored denim shorts with white spotted detailing. I like this brand because the quality is really good and the relaxed undone style is right up my street. I completed the look with some casual shoes from Zara, a black t-shirt from Topman and a watch from BERING. Lucky for me I don’t have to wear a suit to work so this is a look I feel comfortable in during the week and for after work drinks with friends.


I’m so tired today and struggling to get motivated, I’m not sure why as I slept plenty last night. I guess it’s just one of those days. Since forever I have been a hardcore coffee lover both the taste and the energy kick have me hooked but I’m always looking for a healthier alternative so as to cut down on the amount I drink. My quest for self improvement runs from health & nutrition through to fitness with a heightened level of spirituality. It’s not that I’m unhappy with myself I just believe there is always room for improvement and we should never stay in a position of being too comfortable. If you’re a regular reader here you will know that I’m currently testing out the many cool and independent brands in Germany. My latest discovery is ┼Łelosoda. This is a naturally caffeinated cascara brew made from sun dried coffee cherries which originate from the volcan Bar├║ slopes in Panama. This gives me the perfect midday kick with the bonus of no added sugar. Cheers! I would really like to drink this in a tall glass mixed with a good golden tequila and ice. I bet this would put me straight into party mode after a long week at work.

I was so excited to receive a stylish new watch this week from the Danish watch company BERING. It has a classic and minimal chronograph face with a stylish brown strap that I love. The style is versatile so I can wear it with both smart and casual clothes. Bering watches are inspired by arctic beauty and the brand have been campaigning for the protection of polar bears in the wild since 2011. This year they have created a limited edition watch that is available from September with $15 from each charity watch sold being donated to the “save our sea ice” campaign.