Today I embarked on a new adventure which involves finding my dreams. I watched a video conversation on Kabbalah University between Karen Berg and Marcia Wieder. Marcia is the Founder & CEO of Dream University. She has successfully taught people how to uncover their dreams and manifest them with the intention to fulfill their true purpose in life.

Taking a little time to sit down and consider your dreams is something I recommend. As a child I was filled with aspirations which I still carry today, yet somehow I spend much less time doing this as day to day life takes over. Until recently my goals have simply revolved around my personal growth and satisfaction. This isn’t a problem except I want to do what I love and share the rewards with others. A few years ago I co-founded Intensae nail lacquer. My experience lies in the beauty industry and I wanted to introduce a line of products that deliver premium results without using unnecessary toxins or animal testing. Whilst my brand starts to blossom the lessons I’m learning on this journey have brought me to the point where I want to add another string to my bow. My career began training and then working as a hair colourist, it was a great time where I met incredible and interesting people from all walks of life. After launching Intensae two and a half years ago I stepped away from the hair industry only doing occasional jobs for a hair care brand and a few private clients. I recently decided to completely shut that door and focus on new projects. Around that time I started this blog as a way of learning new skills which include writing, photography, styling and photoshop. I feel it’s important to close a door to allow space for new opportunities and taking on this blog as a hobby is extremely rewarding and a great learning curve.

Whilst thinking about my dreams in life I felt inspired by Marcia’s story as she went from a highly respected career to founding Dream University which was initially met with skepticism and is now renowned and respected. It may be scary letting go of the past but ultimately I believe we cannot uncover our true potential if we stay put in a place of comfort. Opening up to my dreams and uncovering new potential is an exciting experience that I will continue to share as it evolves. If you would like to take part in this yourself then you can subscribe to Dream University for free to receive a series of videos which talk you through the process of uncovering your dreams.

I’m kind of shocked by the evolution of man, mainly due to a recent wave of almost naked Instagram pictures. Pumped up dudes taking porno selfies in the gym locker room. I find it kind of weird. At the other end we have the modern dandy, today’s gentleman who combs his hair and wears tailored clothes. When it comes to my look I take grooming as seriously as fashion and when it comes to shopping I like online for convenience or interesting concept stores offering an intimate environment with a curated selection of hard to find brands.

Recently, I was surprised to discover WOODBERG Natural Grooming Supply. As the name suggests, this is an online store dedicated to natural and non-toxic grooming products exclusively for men. Cool huh? Very! I’m now in touch with the founders who sent me a selection of products to try out. I’m currently obsessed with the Herbivore Botanicals Face Elixir, Skin Renewing Face Scrub by Ports Products and the deodorant spray by PROSPECTOR CO. There is a lovely bar of soap from Buckler’s which I plan to open very soon. The guys included a selection of samples which are individually packaged in tiny test tubes and dropper bottles, the care and attention to detail is impressive. I mentioned in a recent post that I’m not a fan of traditional face scrubs with the grainy bit’s. I’d like to take that BACK as the Skin Renewing Scrub is a hybrid containing finely crushed walnut shells and glycolic acid. Genius! During the colder months I like to use a face oil as it soothes my skin and creates a protective barrier from the central heating and cold air. After cleansing I massage the Face Elixir into my skin to boost the circulation whilst moisturising, it smells so good and leaves my skin glowing.

Woodberg is based in Germany they also offer international shipping and the online store is in both German and English. The selection of brands is stylish and everything I have tried works very well indeed.


Work is so full on that a quiet weekend is literally my everything right now. Sleeping, reading, eating, tv. On repeat for 48 hours.

As you might have guessed from my Instagram feed, books are up there with my favourite things in life. It needs to be a real book (no e books allowed) preferably from an independent shop such as Daunt Books in Holland Park which used to be my local. There’s something about being surrounded by books that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plenty of snacking is an essential part of a lazy weekend. To ensure I feel fresh and springy come Monday morning I want to have plenty of good food within the weekends feasting.

Only recently I posted a recipe featuring a heavy dose of beetroot and here I am posting pictures of them again, except this time it’s in a very simple salad. What’s with the beetroot love you ask? Well, it’s just so damn healthy that despite it staining everything it comes into contact with I think it’s cheap, tasty and super versatile. This week I brought the cooked variety because who wants to boil beets when there is sleep to be had?! I simply chopped it up before adding it to a large salad bowl containing some chopped, blanched broccoli and then added salt and pepper. The dressing is a combination of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and a little honey. I tend not to measure when creating a dressing I just throw it all together then taste it and see where it needs tweaking. After gently mixing everything I served on plates and finished with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds. I always make enough to snack on throughout the weekend and any leftovers become part of Monday’s lunchbox.

Have a good one!

hills-innitIMG_5864IMG_5850As we enter a new season I’m excited to introduce new pieces into my wardrobe. I’m drawn to neutral and earthy tones, especially at this time of year. Combining textures gives my look subtle dimensions without drawing the eye to a particular area, everything just flows. These are valuable pieces as I can combine them many ways depending on my mood.

The last couple of weeks have been full on with work. Last night I worked into the evening getting everything done so that I can relax throughout the weekend. I can feel the season changing from late summer to early autumn, day by day the leaves are turning from green to yellow and the bite in the air is a refreshing change to the lovely hot summer we had in Germany. I love this time of year when the jumpers come out and I want to curl up, read a book and eat comfort food. This is my perfect time of year where it’s cooler and cozy but not unbearably cold. There’s been a pile of beetroots sitting in the kitchen which I haven’t been in the mood to juice as I’d intended. Feeling creative I decided to put together a quick, simple and healthy meal using ingredients from the kitchen.

I started by roughly chopping and then parboiling the beets before discarding 80% of the water and then adding tin tomatoes, a jar of mixed beans, a beef stock cube and a couple of bay leaves. In a hot frying pan I added a splash of rapeseed oil then some chopped red onion and garlic. Turning down the heat to let them gently fry for about 10 minutes I then mixed the garlic and red onion with the beets and beans adding salt, pepper and hot chilli sauce. Putting a lid on the pan I left to gently simmer for about 25 minutes. Rice seemed like the perfect sick kick which worked out well as there was loads in the cupboard.

This tasty meal is healthy and super cheap to make. It’s can be warmed up and eaten throughout the weekend which means I don’t have to cook or spend money on a pizza. Next time I’d like to try adding mushrooms and red wine. It can even become vegan by replacing the beef stock with vegetable stock.

Ingredient ratio’s;

  • 4 large beets
  • 2 tins of tomatoes
  • 1 jar of mixed beans
  • a handful of cherry tomatoes
  • 2 chopped cloves of garlic
  • 1 large red onion
  • 1 stock cube

Leave a comment if you have any questions of tweet me.