A well stocked bathroom cabinet can cost a small fortune so I’ve been on the hunt for some beauty hero’s that are currently available for less. Everything listed is available for international delivery. Happy Shopping!



Hello everyone I hope you’re having a nice relaxing Sunday. I was woken up early by my dog, he was bursting with energy and literally dragged me out of bed to walk him. I used this as an opportunity to go for a run knowing I can spend the rest of the day on the sofa without feeling guilty and here I am blogging. But, I love this so much it doesn’t feel like work. This is a quick post to introduce you to Kiehl’s which I’m sure most of you know as they are sold in most big department stores. They have sent me a lovely selection of serum’s and anti-aging products (prevention is better than cure) which I will share with you in more detail over the coming months. I’m currently on a 10 day vitamin C skin treatment so I need to wait until that’s finished before I can test anything else. Below I will list each of the Kiehl’s products. If you have tried this brand before please share your thoughts as I’m always interested to hear your feedback.

  • Midnight Recovery Concentrate.
  • Daily Reviving Concentrate.
  • Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.
  • Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate.
  • Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler.

Happy Sunday! : )


I’ve been sent two products from Jorg Obé and today I will talk you through the 2-in-1 scrub mask. Jorg Obé is a Danish brand with just three products, the focus is on beautiful clear skin, combining the best natural and active ingredients. Sounds good to me! The 2-in-1 scrub mask is a deep cleansing mask that doubles up as a scrub cream. Whilst the range is for men and women I feel this product is geared more toward the guys. I like the mask for it’s cooling and refreshing qualities, my skin certainly felt fresh and clean after using it. This is a product I’d reach for after a long haul flight or during the summer when I’m feeling particularly drained or worn out. Personally I prefer using acids when exfoliating as grains (or spheres) can be a bit scratchy in my opinion. Initially I didn’t love the 2-in-1 concept but I must admit this also works well as a scrub. I applied a generous amount (a teaspoon size) to the palm of my hand, worked it over my face and then massaged the spheres around before leaving for 10 minutes. I was concerned this would leave my skin raw and dry but it felt soft and gently moisturised. Overall I’d recommend this product to anyone with combination or oily skin – especially during the summer months.


I’m cutting right to the chase here – Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum* is the holy grail of face serums/oils. I absolutely love it! I’m very excited about this product as it harnesses the best plant based actives nature has to offer, my ideal when it comes to cosmetics. At 200€ for 30ml this product should hit the mark and luckily for me, it does. Whilst the price tag is high I see this being a cult product as it performs well and delivers the desired results. Perfect for anyone 30+ in need of hydration, protection and increased glow (basically all of us). The fragrance is full-on and feminine, which I have no problem with, if you aren’t a fan of essential oils this may not be for you. The same goes if you are sensitive to essential oils as this contains exactly 22 of them. I apply about 8 drops to my entire face and neck area, it glides on smoothly and absorbs like a dream. My skin is super soft and glowing. Happy days!

*Press Sample


Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Shower Cream* is a luxurious body cleanser that boasts a list of nutrient dense ingredients such as starflower & camelina which provide a rich source of omega 3, 6 & 9. The packaging gives a clinical look which I like, it feels almost medical. This gives me the illusion it’s something secret that must be prescribed by a dermatologist. However you can purchase it at the holy grail of cosmetics that is Niche-Beauty. It contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate which isn’t the gentlest of surfactants but it does create that generous foam we come to except from a body cleanser. This product should be very good for anyone with Keratosis Pilaris (KP) which is a skin condition that creates flaky bumps (chicken skin). I don’t suffer from this therefore I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness but the website claims 87% of users with KP saw an improvement. Bonus points come for it being paraben free and against animal testing. Overall I like this product for it’s richness and luxe factor and I recommend it for a comforting shower treat this winter.

*Press Sample