Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Shower Cream* is a luxurious body cleanser that boasts a list of nutrient dense ingredients such as starflower & camelina which provide a rich source of omega 3, 6 & 9. The packaging gives a clinical look which I like, it feels almost medical. This gives me the illusion it’s something secret that must be prescribed by a dermatologist. However you can purchase it at the holy grail of cosmetics that is Niche-Beauty. It contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate which isn’t the gentlest of surfactants but it does create that generous foam we come to except from a body cleanser. This product should be very good for anyone with Keratosis Pilaris (KP) which is a skin condition that creates flaky bumps (chicken skin). I don’t suffer from this therefore I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness but the website claims 87% of users with KP saw an improvement. Bonus points come for it being paraben free and against animal testing. Overall I like this product for it’s richness and luxe factor and I recommend it for a comforting shower treat this winter.

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“To sum this up in a nutshell. I’m using face wash as body wash and eye cream as facial moisturiser and absolutely loving it!”

In less than 24hrs it will be 2016 and like every other year I’m excited and hopeful the new year will bring exciting opportunities. I’m also looking at ways to clean up and improve my daily life. First step is to declutter my ever growing skincare collection! Earlier this year I featured Perricone MD which worked great during the summer months. The citrus face wash contains vitamin C which is great for brightening the skin. However it also contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) which is not my favourite ingredient as it can leave my skin dry. Therefore the citrus face wash is a no-go for my face during the winter months but I must admit I’ve been using it as a body wash. At 42€ this is an expensive product to be using this way but it feels so nice and indulgent that I’m doing it anyway. The SLES creates lots of foam which is always nice in the shower and afterwards my skin is brighter and smoother that I’m now kind of addicted. I’m so lazy when it comes to using eye creams. I prefer using a serum everywhere followed by a moisturiser or face oil. Therefore I started mixing the Cold Plama Eye with an Odacité Serum Concentrate (read about this brand here) and applying them to my entire face and neck area. To sum this up in a nutshell. I’m using face wash as body wash, eye cream as facial moisturiser and absolutely loving it! It may seem like I’m discounting Perricone MD but this isn’t the case at all. I like this brand a lot and look forward to trying more products in the range. You can see for yourself at Niche-Beauty or Niche-men. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave me a comment or tweet me!



My love for serums and oils has reached an all time high. You may remember my moans and groans of dry and sensitive skin from previous posts. But thanks to a combination of lightweight yet moisture rich skincare I no longer resemble a brillo pad and I couldn’t be happier. My latest skincare discovery is US brand Odacité, a collection of pure plant ‘Serum Concentrates’. I’m currently using the Green Tea & Lemongrass Booster for Devitalised skin* which provides a welcomed antidote after the indulgence of Christmas. The serum concentrate can be used in one of two ways, on it’s own for an intense treatment or 1-2 drops with a moisturiser. For the first try I used it alone to gauge the performance. After cleansing I applied 5 drops to the palm of my hands and massaged over my face and neck. The lemongrass is certainly revitalising and uplifting whilst the richness of this serum is comforting and spa-like. 5 drops went a long way, leaving my skin moisture saturated and nurtured until the next day. For everyday day use I recommend adding 1-2 drops with a lightweight, natural moisturiser such as this one from Grown Alchemist. The variety of concentrates are intermixable so you can create your perfect skincare cocktail.

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I love hyaluronic acid, it sounds like an expensive synthetic ingredient when in fact it occurs naturally in our own bodies. Serums are great due to the low molecular weight which allows the skin boosting actives to absorb deeper – where they are needed most. DECIEM the company behind some of my favourite brands including FOUNTAIN have created NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex.* A serum containing 12 different hyaluronic compounds which target different layers of the skin. This product is unbelievably light, I find 6 drops sufficient to cover my entire face. It absorbs almost immediately leaving my skin super smooth and soft. With continued use (about 10 days) my skin is feeling hydrated from the inside out. I’ve got a few different products on the go but I’m managing to use this twice daily with either a moisturiser or a face oil on top. I’ve heard great reports from others, one friend called it “a face lift in a bottle”, which is a bit much if you ask me – it’s good but not that good. A little goes a long way, so the 30€ price tag is incredible value for money considering the pay off it provides.

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There has never been a more appropriate time for a steaming hot bath – than right now. Finally, after six months, I have my own bathroom back and I couldn’t be happier. To soothe aching muscles and clear my mind is as close to heaven as I can get, s I’ll happily take it, courtesy of a nice long soak in my new tub. Product of choice is 001 BATH SALT by Swedish brand L:A BRUKET. Containing only natural ingredients including unbleached sea salt, marigold, roses and lavender, this ‘kurbad’ leaves me feeling relaxed, soothed and ready for a perfect night’s sleep.