I’ve seen various “beauty drinks” popping up and I must say I’m quite taken by the concept. A while back I featured FOUNTAIN which offer a lovely selection of liquid supplements, all enhanced with hyaluronic acid. I was contacted by UK brand Rejuvenated who’ve sent me a sample of Collagen Shots. They say it’s a high performance collagen drink formulated with the most powerful and effective ingredients for maintaining firm, plump and youthful skin from the inside.

I remember first seeing collagen pills in Space NK about 10 years ago and I have no idea if they are still there. Rejuvenated contains 10,000 mgs per serving which I’m sure is a vast improvement to the tiny bottle of pills I saw 10 years ago. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B, copper, acai berry, vitamin c and zinc so think of this as a daily vitamin supplement for your skin. It’s best taken on an empty stomach so you can drink it at night with a glass of water or perhaps first thing with a juice or smoothie. It’s pink in colour and tastes nice, it’s sweetened using stevia which is a natural substitute to sugar. The pack contains 30 servings and costs £39.95.

When I started using this it happened to coincide with a review on the 20 day vitamin C serum treatment from Nouri. The serum was incredible and left my skin super smooth so I can’t say if the collagen shots made a noticeable difference to my skin. But! I think these things should be taken for longer to really gauge the results, the FOUNTAIN bottle lasted for three months. I also don’t expect any supplement to make a visible difference in the same way a moisturiser does. I imagine the external results are more gradual as the nutrients are doing their job from the inside out. Overall I think this is a nice brand, that offers daily vitamins/supplements that specifically target the skin.

I rarely remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. I heard somewhere that if we write down anything we remember as soon as we wake up then over time we will recall the details of our dreams. Years ago I remember having a dream that I was in a famous boy band, I’m laughing as I can remember being really disappointed when I woke up to discover that I wasn’t a celebrity and I had to get up for school. Not all of my dreams are this much fun though. There’s the occasional nightmare that completely freaks me out and for as long as I can remember I’ve had this recurring dream that crops up from time to time. It usually takes place on a rollercoaster, I can picture it now as I’m sitting in the front carriage whilst it slowly makes it’s was up to the highest peak. It stops for a second at the top before I plummet downwards and my stomach reaches my throat. It feels so real that just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

As a kid I used to occasionally climb trees, quickly moving from branch to branch I remember at one point looking down and thinking “god that’s a long way down” and then continuing to climb a little higher. Looking back I think this is where I developed a fear from heights. If I’m inside a building then I have no issue but the thought of being on the edge of a cliff just freaks me out. According to this article a dream or nightmare like this could have a deeper meaning. It says that dreams involving falling could be the minds way of alerting us that we are feeling out of control. Or even worse it could be telling us that a certain area of life is literally going down hill. Gawd! In this situation it’s worth briefly analysing any areas in life that might need to be changed for the better. Perhaps that person you started dating isn’t such a good idea?!

Another article I found in Stylist Magazine decodes various themes from teeth falling out to being surrounded by sharks. It seems in a lot of cases recurring dreams can be brought on by chaotic or stressful situations that take place during the day such as moving house or stress at work. In certain cases I can connect nightmares to something unrelated that I heard during the day. But sometimes I think it’s a message from the universe showing us there’s something in day to day life that isn’t good and needs to be addressed.




jorg obe

“This is an excellent natural, daily moisturiser. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Last month I reviewed another product from Jorg Obe. Today I will to talk you through the White Tea Balancing Cream*. This brand likes it’s products to be multi-functional, this one being described as a moisturising day cream, a corrective night cream and an intensive moisture mask. They also say it’s for oily, normal, dry or combination cream. I’m not a fan of their everything-in-1 concept because in this case I think it doesn’t work. If I used this as a moisturising face mask or a corrective night cream then I would be disappointed. This is a shame as it’s an excellent natural, daily moisturiser and I wish the founders would focus on this in their marketing effort – the rest is just confusing. I recommend this product for anyone with normal or slightly sensitive skin. It’s light in texture and absorbs nicely with a delicate and fresh fragrance. It’s also a great option for teenagers. The thing I like most is the price! At £20/€22,90 this product offers good value for money.

*Press Sample



Happy Monday Everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend. I ate too much junk food and woke up feeling icky so I went for a run, made some porridge for breakfast and now I’m feeling cleaner and a lot more energised. In this post I wanted to highlight three products I’m currently using. Brooklyn Soap Company is a German brand that came about after three guys spent time in Brooklyn which inspired them to create an all-natural and vegan line of cosmetics for the modern man. I’m still using the deodorant which I like because it’s free from aluminum and some of the other unsavory ingredients that I prefer to avoid when using deodorant. Portland England is another brand I featured last year. As the name suggests this is a British brand offering shaving and skincare products. I’m using their subtle and refreshing aftershave which I spritz over my body post-shower. I’m experiencing some serious Kiehl’s love at the moment and I have discovered many fans of the brand since my last post featuring their wrinkle filler. I have started using the Daily Reviving Concentrate which is the most beautiful shade of sunshine yellow. It’s very light in texture yet holds up enough to protect my skin against the cold wind and central heating.

I wish you all a positive and productive week ahead.

Products featured are press samples.



Thanks to the latest non-invasive skin treatments it’s getting easier to delay the signs of aging without having to consider injectables such as botox. My focus is on healthy skin combining acid peels and vitamin serums with a healthy diet. We’ve heard it a million times ‘drink plenty of water’ but since guzzling up to 3 liters a day I’ve seen the difference hydration makes on the skin. I’m one of those people with an expressive face, resulting in frown lines when I’m concentrating which seem to become more pronounced as the years roll by.

Recently I’ve noticed the number 11 appearing between my eyebrows and it’s got to the point where I feel the need to address it. In a recent post I listed a selection of samples I received from Kiehl’s** and one of them happened to be just what I’ve been looking for. My skin is no doubt slightly premature for the Double Strength Wrinkle Filler but I love the plumping effect it creates when I apply it to my frown lines. It comes with a precision nozzle allowing easy application to the wrinkle itself which in turn will plump just this area making the wrinkle appear less deep or pronounced. Of course, the effects are temporary but it does make a noticeable difference and I was happy to see this contains hyaluronic acid which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients.

**Kielh’s products are available internationally.