I love hyaluronic acid!

It sounds like an expensive synthetic ingredient when in fact it occurs naturally in our own bodies.

Serums have a lower molecular weight than thicker creams. This allows them to absorb slightly deeper in the skin. DECIEM is the company behind some of my favourite brands including Fountain. They have since created NIOD and today I will review the  Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. This serum contains 12 different hyaluronic compounds to target different layers of the skin.

This watery texture is unbelievably light. I find 6 drops sufficient to cover my entire face. It absorbs almost immediately leaving my skin super smooth and soft. With continued use (about 10 days) my skin is feeling hydrated from the inside out. I’ve have a few different products on the go but I’m managing to use this twice daily with either a moisturiser or a face oil on top. I heard great reports from others, one friend called it “a face lift in a bottle”. Which is a bit much if you ask me. It’s good but not that good. A little goes a long way, so the 30€ price tag is incredible value for money considering the hydration it provides.



There has never been a more appropriate time for a steaming hot bath – than right now.

Finally, after six months, I have my own bathroom back and I couldn’t be happier.

To soothe my aching muscles and clear my mind is as close to heaven as I can get. And I will happily take it, courtesy of a nice long soak in my new tub. The product of choice is 001 BATH SALT by Swedish brand L:A BRUKET. It contains only natural ingredients including unbleached sea salt, marigold, roses and lavender. This ‘kurbad’ leaves me feeling relaxed, soothed and ready for a perfect night’s sleep.

Colder weather and cozy central heating I love but my poor skin says ‘wah wah wah’ as it begins to shrivel up – unless I take precautions! I’ve incorporated protective skin care into my daily regime that complements my environment. And I have some superb new products that I’d like to share with you. First up is the Carrot Butter cleansing balm by Organic Pharmacy. This is my first time using a cleansing balm and I find it the most comforting experience. I scoop a penny sized amount and massage it over my entire face for a couple of minutes to boost the circulation, and it feels so, so, so good, the consistency is thick and greasy which sounds gross but feels great, especially if your skin is dry. I received a muslin cloth which I believe is sold separately, you should run this under hot water, wring out and press onto your face before wiping off the excess balm. This feels so incredible I can’t even explain. Next up is the eye cream and moisturiser from Grown Alchemist, this is a very cool natural brand from Australia. I like the minimal packaging but crucially it really nurtures my skin. Natural moisturisers absorb nicely into the skin which I put down to their lack of silicone or any petroleum type ingredients which tend to lay on the surface when I use them. This allows me to slather on a really thick layer and leave it to soak in. My skin begins to plump and I’m left looking socially acceptable again.

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In this post I have a round up of the best natural and organic soaps from a selection of different brands*. I like to lather up in the shower with an old school bar of soap and this selection suits a variety of different skin types.

GROWN ALCHEMIST BODY CLEANSING BAR – Geranium Leaf, Bergamot & Patchouli. This luxurious soap bar smells delicious and is perfect for gifting as it comes in it’s own sleek box. Bioactive ingredients detoxify and moisturise the skin. Available at NICHE-BEAUTY for 19,50 €. Suitable for all skin types.

BUCKLERS MOISTURE RICH SOAP. Fine grains of vanilla bean gently exfoliate the skin whilst shea butter, honey and almond oil moisturise. Available at WOODBERG for 12,00 €. For sensitive or dry skin.

LE BAIGNEUR LES TROIS SAVON DU BAIGNEUR. A collection of three soaps that come perfectly wrapped will also make a great gift. The first soap exfoliates using natural coconut pulp with peppermint oil to soothe. The Relaxant soap uses cedarwood oil which has relaxing properties, blended with uplifting petitgrain. The Tonifiant soap uses activated charcoal to draw out impurities and has a warm spicy aroma of black pepper and clove. Available at GREENGLAM for 27,00 €.

SOAPWALLA GLYCERIN SOAP BAR – Rosewood, Cedar & Clay. Perfect for oily or acne-prone skin whilst preventing over-drying. Can also be used as a shaving bar. Available at many destinations including SOAPWALLA for $10,00.

* All of the soaps featured were PR samples.


Grown Alchemist has been on my radar for a while and after reaching out to them via their website I was lucky enough to receive samples from Niche-Men in Hamburg. There has been much hype around this brand as their packaging is incredibly popular with minimalistic style bloggers and instagrammers. I’ll admit, this is what initially drew me to the brand and I was further intrigued after discovering they formulate using a wealth of natural, plant based ingredients. This got me to second base, all that was left was the performance and overall experience. The samples were sent to me along with some other products from different brands. When I opened the box I immediately smelled something really good but I didn’t know what it was. This turned out to be the Geranium Leaf, Bergamot & Patchouli Body Cleansing Bar. So good. Second up I had the Matte Balancing Moisturiser with Acai-Berry & Borago followed lastly by the Age-Repair Eye Cream with Tetra-Peptide & Centella. I’m so happy with this brand it’s not even funny. Like the packaging, the fragrance of each product is gender neutral, everything smells natural, yet super luxurious. A little goes a long way with these products, a bit more than a pea size is enough to moisturise my entire face. If you haven’t tried this brand then I urge you to visit Niche-Men or Niche-Beauty and get yourself some. It’s so worth it!