Nuori is an exciting new skincare brand from Denmark with an interesting concept. This brand is built on a foundation of freshness. Nuori products are produced in small batches every 12 weeks to prevent the need for preservatives in the all-natural formulations. It ensures the actives are at their highest potency, thus providing maximum benefits to the skin. HOLA! The design of this brand is beautiful with minimal packaging and lovely solid bottles that feel nice to the touch. For the last 10 days I have used the Vital Foaming Cleanser and Supreme-C Serum Treatment religiously.

The cleanser is a joy to use, unlike most foaming cleansers this is rich, creamy and deeply hydrating. It smells slightly fruity and 2 pumps leave my skin soft, bright and comforted. I recommend this for morning use as foam cleansers generally don’t remove makeup or spf.

The treatment serum felt quite sticky at first. Whilst vitamin c products often leave a residue on the skin I found this one quite uncomfortable. The stickiness is due to a botanical based glycerin which acts as a humectant. This helps the skin retain moisture whilst strengthening the barrier function. Besides the stickiness I find this product amazing at smoothing, detoxifying and brightening the skin. It’s also incredibly hydrating and after a week the product felt better more comfortable on my skin. I’m now 10 days in and the texture of my skin has transformed – it’s beyond smooth! The instructions suggest a full pipette of serum but I find 5 drops sufficient with no need for additional moisturiser. My skin is starting to feel slightly sensitive so I’m going to use this product just at night for the final 10 days.

Due to the lack of preservatives it’s important to start using these products asap. The box comes with a ‘start using by’ date and you will find the ‘use by’ date on the base of the bottle. My products have a start date of 21st of Feb 2016 and a use by date of 15th of May 2016.

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