There are those days when we wake up feeling a bit meh! It may be the weather, something that’s happening in life or mercury in retrograde serving us some heavy energy. These moments will always come up from time to time and whilst they can lower the mood there is always a chance to turn a bad day into a great day, we just need to try our best. Sometimes is doesn’t work and that’s okay but having solutions to help us along the way can increase the chance of dissolving those feelings as quickly as possible.

Eat well, exercise if you can and wear something great, perhaps not at the same time. Scoffing an entire pizza might feel good for a second but we all know it’s inevitably a bad idea. Nourish your body with something and if you can, include some kind of exercise to get the endorphins going for that natural high. Go the extra mile to wear something you really like, something you know will give you that extra confidence.

Commit to an act of sharing. When I go out of my way to serve another human being it leaves me feeling better and restores my power. When we feel low we tend to internalise everything, doing the reverse is the last thing on our minds but thinking outwards can change the course of the day very quickly. You could bring coffee to your colleagues at work or take the time to call someone and ask if they need anything. It doesn’t have to be huge, just significant enough to require some effort. Besides this being a productive distraction the appreciation from others will bring you closer to them and projecting positive, sharing energy will always come back to you later on.

Be kind to yourself. Whatever is going on it’s important to show ourselves some love and respect. Take a second and make sure you aren’t internally bashing yourself. Wherever you are remind yourself this is where you need to be right now and make a promise that you will try your best to be the best version of yourself and give yourself a hug.