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There are many possible emotions when are lacking motivation. It can involve sadness, lack of inspiration, feeling lost or boredom. The list goes on and the reasons behind these feelings are even more vast. It could be the astrological time we are in, the result of a personal situation such as a breakup or we might have no idea what has brought the feelings on.

When I find myself in a slump I look at some of my personal triggers and see if I can identify a reason. Sometimes I spend too long indoors working and find myself feeling like crap. Identifying this as a trigger reminds me to walk the dog, go for a coffee or exercise. Anything as long as it involves getting outside of the house. I like Kabbalistic astrology as it explains a lot about my day to day feelings. There have been times when I’ve felt a bit sad or found everyone to be rude. Then I’ll read the forecast and it will point out the exact feeling I’m experiencing and explain what’s causing it. This really helps as I realise it’s not me it’s the bloody stars. Sometimes it’s something more personal that is causing us to lack motivation and I find these tips help me out.

how to motivate yourself


Starting a hobby is an amazing way to energise yourself. I have mentioned this 50624 times already but starting my blog made me so happy. It’s great to start something you enjoy and learn something new. There’s the opportunity to meet new and like minded people or it could offer some much needed solitude. If you are in a career that doesn’t offer you a creative outlet then starting a side project can fulfill that gap. Another idea is to freshen up your personal space. I know how good I feel when I throw out a ton of crap, give the place a good spring clean or do a bit of decorating. My home feels renewed and a pleasure to be in.

Share your feelings…

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to talk about my feeling. For me personally this isn’t a good idea because I only add to my own misery in that moment and things become magnified. Talking to someone is a reeeeeally good idea. If you are open to sharing your feelings and finding a solution then people will be pleased you confided in them. You might be surprised by the inspiration that comes from someone else’s perspective. If it’s a long term situation and feels unfixable then there’s the option to see a therapist. There is nothing better than a safe place where you can discuss your issues in a non judgemental environment with a trained professional. You don’t have to be in a really bad way to seek out professional help. There are tons of options in addition to a therapist such as a life coach or spiritual teacher.

Dreams and goals…

Putting together a structured game plan of your dreams and goals can really spark your motivation. Dreams don’t have to be out of this world but you shouldn’t limit yourself either. Whatever it is you want from life you need to put it out there and let the universe (and yourself) know it’s on your radar. An idea is to list two goals and one dream. The first goal should be something significant yet achievable in a relatively short amount of time. You might want to wake up 30 minutes earlier three times a week to prepare a healthy packed lunch before work. This gives you the opportunity to reap the benefits in a reasonable time which gets the ball rolling. The second goal might take a month to complete but with a bigger reward.

motivational inspiration

Your dream might be less tangible but it’s still important. It might be the highest achievement within your career, your dream home or partner in life. Make space for these dreams and validate them. By doing this there is the possibility to lay a positive path towards them. If we continually set ourselves goals, offer compassion to our dreams whilst being kind to ourselves we can change the course of our lives. The thing it requires is effort which probably means there is the potential of great rewards.

motivational tips

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  1. April 7, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    I love these suggestions. The last one about goals and dreams. I set them, but I need to write them down. It makes for a great vision board and to reflect on those achievements.

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