I’m kind of shocked by the evolution of man, mainly due to a recent wave of almost naked Instagram pictures. Pumped up dudes taking porno selfies in the gym locker room. I find it kind of weird. At the other end we have the modern dandy, today’s gentleman who combs his hair and wears tailored clothes. When it comes to my look I take grooming as seriously as fashion and when it comes to shopping I like online for convenience or interesting concept stores offering an intimate environment with a curated selection of hard to find brands.

Recently, I was surprised to discover WOODBERG Natural Grooming Supply. As the name suggests, this is an online store dedicated to natural and non-toxic grooming products exclusively for men. Cool huh? Very! I’m now in touch with the founders who sent me a selection of products to try out. I’m currently obsessed with the Herbivore Botanicals Face Elixir, Skin Renewing Face Scrub by Ports Products and the deodorant spray by PROSPECTOR CO. There is a lovely bar of soap from Buckler’s which I plan to open very soon. The guys included a selection of samples which are individually packaged in tiny test tubes and dropper bottles, the care and attention to detail is impressive. I mentioned in a recent post that I’m not a fan of traditional face scrubs with the grainy bit’s. I’d like to take that BACK as the Skin Renewing Scrub is a hybrid containing finely crushed walnut shells and glycolic acid. Genius! During the colder months I like to use a face oil as it soothes my skin and creates a protective barrier from the central heating and cold air. After cleansing I massage the Face Elixir into my skin to boost the circulation whilst moisturising, it smells so good and leaves my skin glowing.

Woodberg is based in Germany they also offer international shipping and the online store is in both German and English. The selection of brands is stylish and everything I have tried works very well indeed.