IMG_3813Another great discovery is Niche-Men which is the younger brother to Niche-Beauty. Alongside Green Glam in Augsburg these stores are amongst the very best cosmetics/men’s grooming destinations in Germany. I know my fair share when it comes to the cosmetics industry therefor I choose my skincare wisely. My personal choice is a combination of all-natural products containing organic plant based, botanical ingredients and dermatologist brands offering targeted results. Everything in between doesn’t usually interest me. I’m a stickler for quality which led me toward the all natural brands that do not formulate with any of the questionable ingredients. Whilst I’m looking for targeted results I’m not into botox because the effects aren’t usually very masculine looking. I find that super healthy, natural looking skin is the way forward. Dermatologist brands offer peels, skin brightening and anti-aging products at higher concentrations that guarantee noticeable results. In the UK there’s beauty mecca SpaceNK which offer a similar selection of top notch skincare as Niche-Beauty/Niche-Men. Green Glam and Being Content in London are on par offering all the latest and greatest in natural and organic brands. I just received a selection of fantastic products from Niche-Men which I will feature separately and in more detail. Please note that the skincare mentioned works for me personally. I suggest you speak to a member of the team at Niche-Men or Niche-Beauty who will be able to recommend the right products for your specific needs. The products photographed are all available from Niche-Men.

Stay tuned!