jorg obe

“This is an excellent natural, daily moisturiser. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Last month I reviewed another product from Jorg Obe. Today I will to talk you through the White Tea Balancing Cream*. This brand likes it’s products to be multi-functional, this one being described as a moisturising day cream, a corrective night cream and an intensive moisture mask. They also say it’s for oily, normal, dry or combination cream. I’m not a fan of their everything-in-1 concept because in this case I think it doesn’t work. If I used this as a moisturising face mask or a corrective night cream then I would be disappointed. This is a shame as it’s an excellent natural, daily moisturiser and I wish the founders would focus on this in their marketing effort – the rest is just confusing. I recommend this product for anyone with normal or slightly sensitive skin. It’s light in texture and absorbs nicely with a delicate and fresh fragrance. It’s also a great option for teenagers. The thing I like most is the price! At £20/€22,90 this product offers good value for money.

*Press Sample