Jorg Obe scrub mask review

Jorg Obé is a Danish brand with just three products. The focus is on beautiful clear skin combining natural and active ingredients. Sounds good to me! The 2-in-1 scrub mask is a deep cleansing mask that doubles up as a scrub cream. Whilst the range is for men and women I feel this product is geared more toward the guys.

I like the mask for it’s cooling and refreshing qualities. It leaves my skin certainly feeling fresh and clean after using it. I prefer exfoliating acids to grains because an acid gives a uniformed exfoliation. Grains have the potential to scratch or damage the skin so always use with caution. Initially I didn’t love the 2-in-1 concept but I must admit this also works well as a scrub. I applied a generous amount (a teaspoon size) to the palm of my hand, worked it over my face and then massaged the spheres around before leaving for 10 minutes. I was concerned this would leave my skin raw and dry but it felt soft and gently moisturised. Overall I’d recommend this product to anyone with combination or oily skin – especially during the summer months.