HYLAMIDE: SubQ Eyes Review

hylamide sub q eyes review

Hylamide targets multiple depths of the skin.

Hylamide SubQ Eyes is a lightweight eye serum. It contains a variety of peptides in different molecular weight to target different layers of the skin. When molecules are larger the ingredients that you want to go deeper are left sitting on the surface layers. A product can only do so much at the surface which makes this product more effective at hydrating the delicate eye area. The skin around the eye has no muscle behind it which is why it tends to age the fastest.

 A couple of drops is enough for both eyes. The pipette isn’t ideal as it’s on the large side. It’s easy to make the mistake of applying too much product as I did. When this happens the serum can feel a little sticky. With the right amount it absorbs nicely into the skin and provides that lightweight hydration. When applying anything to the eye area I gently tap the product on to avoid dragging the delicate skin. It great to have a brand that sells advanced skincare at a reasonable price.