Retinol (vitamin a) is one of the most effective anti-ageing skincare ingredients on the market. It’s ability to fight fine lines & wrinkles, refine pores and even target breakouts seems almost too good to be true. Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment is one of the few brands that offer retinol in this strength which is the highest you can get without having to visit a dermatologist. This product really does what it says on the tin so be sure to make sure your skin is prepared to take this kind of treatment. The brand offers milder retinol products so if you haven’t used this before I recommend you start with a milder version. My facialist/bestie has been treating my skin and gave me the all clear to use the 1% as long as I introduce it slowly. If you don’t take these precautions your skin can become ultra sensitive with extreme peeling – so unless you want to scare small children then please take their advice.

I started by applying this at night, twice a week for the first week and since I haven’t experienced peeling, sensitivity or redness I am now using it every other night. I apply a pea size amount after cleansing and then finish off with moistutiser. I’m using the Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser as it’s very gentle and soothing, in the morning I use Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser.

Now let me get started with the results. Once word – beyond! My skin looks incredible after using this and thanks to a multitude of skin calming ingredients my skin is baby soft, even toned, hydrated and glowing. I even have rosy cheeks which I haven’t seen since I was like, eleven years old! I really like Paula’s Choice as a brand, I first featured them last year and it’s become a brand I completely trust. I can just tell the founder is obsessed with making the best products. Alongside hyaluronic acid, retinol is now one of my favourite skincare ingredients. You need to continue using it to retain the increased cell turnover and collagen production so it’s worth making it a permanent fixture in your skin care routine. My thoughts on ageing? Prevention is better than cure. And as I’ve seen the first signs of ageing in my own skin I feel it’s better to introduce this type of product now to ensure my skin looks it’s best in ten or twenty years from now.

A brand I am very, very, very excited to introduce here for the first time is SkinCeuticals. Eeeek I absolutely love this brand because it makes a huge difference to the skin. They have sent me some samples which I will be featuring soon but for now I’m using their Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50+. When using retinol it’s essential to use an SPF during the day, I know, 50+ is on the higher end of the spectrum but I like it. I apply a small amount over my moisuriser which blends perfectly without leaving me ghostly white or chalky. It’s brilliant! Lastly I want to introduce a quirky little product that I was sent by Niche-Beauty. Egyptian Magic is an all natural cream but I’d say it’s actually a balm. It’s contains olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly extract and bee propolis. I used it as a daily moisturiser during the first week of using the retinol as I find it gentle and comforting, whilst it offers lasting hydration. It’s an all purpose product so I’m now using it at night on my elbows and lips.

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